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a recipe for Celebrities gone mad
A Rogue Star

1 semi-famous celebrity
1 movie contract
1 oz. illegal drugs
1 paid escort
2 police officers
1 set of handcuffs
several paparazzi

1. Pluck 1 semi famous celebrity from the wannabes in Hollywood. Dangle the movie contract in front of his face. Be careful, you've completed the tempermental base of this recipe: an over inflated ego.

2. To the Ego you just made, add 1 ounce of illegal drugs (the particular drug is upto you; there are several to choose from) and 1 paid escort (try the yellow pages before you look on the street).

3. Stir all ingredients together. This creates a loud and public disturbance. To manage the Disturbance, add 2 police officers and a pair of handcuffs. Just as the handcuffs are added, introduce the paparazzi.

4. The last step is most important as it's the Paparazzi that actually creates the Rogue Star.
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