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A pseudo-philisophical poem about the paradoxical nature of humanity.
Wishing that the sun would never rise
To illuminate the sky and the sin below
Everything looks better without the light
It's hard to see what's wrong at night

Sweep the shell casings beneath the bed
Shot to hell, destroy all proof
Secret lives hidden for the day
Outward appearances are the truth

A silhouette steps into the road
Another jumps alone and afraid
A third sits by a bottle of pills
But shadows are invisible at night
"Just bury the dead, it'll be all right."

Mr. Hyde locked up when others look
White lines and dead faces
A glazed look in the eye
Dr. Jekyll would never do such things
Looking down with disgust
An imperceptible pathetic lie

I'm glad that darkness is half of time
Release our truthful inner demon
Reduce our societal inhibition
Nobody will never know; it must be okay

Under the cover of darkness,
The world just looks so…
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