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desperate times call for alcohol.
Kicked my boots off
Popped off a Smirnoff
And lit a cigarette.
Now I miss you even more than before
Because I know while I’m drinking you away
You’re drinking it all in.
That should leave me sober
But tonight’s even colder
Than all the others
It’s the night you always laughed,
At least I’ve got that.
Then you’d hold me all night
And we wouldn’t even try to fight it.
Who aren’t you fighting tonight?


I’m finally home
I’ve got a date with wine and nicotine
I fall into the bath
ecstasy is all I need
I have to regurgitate my day
make it fall away
float like the bubbles in my mind
I’m gonna lose myself in time
I’m finally drenched
soaked through the holes in my skin
fall into my own world
tell me drunk and happy is a sin....
I have to regurgitate my day
make it all go a way
slide down the winding drain
slide away before I go insane.......
Oh oh i've got a date with wine and nicotine
nothing can feed a feind..........
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