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by J.C.
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From the Egyptians point of view.
The trumpet pierces the morning sky. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Pack your bags, load them up, herd them out, no time to stop for food. Grab what you have, pack it out, it’s no time to bake your bread. Where are your valuables? Here take mine. Pack them up, take them away, we’ve kept you here too long. Five times you showed us your power, but our obstinate hearts refused to see. Five times more before we realized what you can do. Now hurry, leave, before something more happens! Take our herd, take your flock, take my silver and gold. Please don’t linger. Run, take your things and disappear.

Now we can finally have peace. They’re gone with their plagues and signs of peace. Let’s celebrate, let’s have a grand festival! Servant, prepare a glorious feast. Our servants! We let them get away. Look, they’re wandering, back and forth across the wilderness. Confusion has set in because of the desert, they are ours! Fog? Why is there fog between us and them? No matter, there is nowhere to go. The great wind I hear will blow it away soon. There! A night wasted so let us hurry. Where did they go? They went into the sea, after them! Faster, faster! We are almost there. The wheels! They fell off the chariots! We can’t escape, there’s no way out. Death to the chariot maker. No, death to me!
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