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by chappy
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1170835
it is about a man who's family gets kidnapped and he goes on some missions to save them.
once upon a time in texas

i was there 2 weeks ago.it was the end of my life in this world. it all started on friday 12th october this year. the babysitter was looking after by son ben he was an angel my 6 year old boy murderd right in front of me. me and my wife jane had hit a saloon downtown, we got back at about ten o'clock ben was fast asleep and the babysiter had gone home so me and jane went to bed. at abot 3 o'clock jane woke me up and said she could hear somebody down stairs so i got my revolver and crept down i looked evrywhere the was nobody there i walked back upstairs and said "there wasn't anything therrr...." as i looked right before my eyes there was a man with a gun to ben and janes head.as i reached for my gun i turned my head and picked up my revolver and as i looked up they were gone.

this man hs taken my family i ran out side and spoke the sherrif he said go and sleep on it i ran out of the sherrifs hut and seached evrywhere for them i looked in abandoned hotels, buildings , reastraunts, and saloons. i almost had given up hope until i seen a note on one of the abandoned builings saying your close. i wasnt sure if it was meant for me or ot so i kicked down the door and there was a note in blood saying not that close. i ran out side and shouted "BEN JANE!" i heard screeming and crying from behind a building i ran immidiatly to it it was my son running to me with his arms open as to give me a hug i bent down opened my arms and he was bout 2 meters away from me and "BANG" he fell to the ground he was shot less than 6 yards away from me and i held hi tight i placed him down gently and screemed whers jane oh she is dead now i killed her. "you bastard" i took out my revolver and shot him several times until he died. shortly after i thought what is the point of living if i have noone so my last bullet i ued it on my own head this stranger of a man killed me and my family.
chris chapman
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