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Paper I wrote on how Daria (TV Show) has elements from public speaking course book,
should have to do all these things that they have put out in front of her, but she continues to do them to make her parents happy. Mack is put on the series to contrast the dumb jocks on the series. Mack is an intelligent black man in a school full of people that simply lack much intelligence for the most part.
During an episode called “Fat Like Me” Daria and Jan are competing with each other over if the fashion club will finally break up or not. Sandi has broken her ankle and when she returns to school she is much heavier then she was before. This weight gain is in direct violation of the by-laws of the Fashion club. Sandi chooses that it would be best for her to resign from the position of Fashion Club President, but as a favor she asks Vice President Quinn to also resign. Quinn being her friend tells hers that she will do just that, but the other two members of the fashion club, Tiffany and a girl named Stacey, try to talk her into staying with the club because they won’t last without her. Quinn tells them that she will rejoin, but that is before she hears Jane talking to the school cheerleader about backstabbing friends. Jane uses a persuasive narrative to get Quinn to realize that you shouldn’t hurt people that you say are your friends. Quinn then tells the girls she can’t stay with the club. Eventually Quinn helps Sandi lose the weight when Daria uses her own persuasive narrative to get Quinn to realize that anyone that was truly Sandi’s friend would help her lose the weight. Like Jane and Daria here, we as students have to figure out what we want out of our speeches. Do we want them to persuade you to do something? Do we just want to entertain you with some useless facts that are funny? Do we want to inform you of something that we feel are important to the world at hand? There are a wide variety of purposes for speeches in our world. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a purpose for your speech when you have to give one for a class, but we all have a wide variety of interests that we can draw upon in order to make a successful speech to our class. (Finding the purpose of your speech, here Jane and Daria decide to be persuasive)
In another episode entitled “Dye! Dye! My Darling” Jane asks Daria to dye her hair like a tiger. Through the episode Jane is talking about a woman being a tiger and having both sides to your own personality. Jane has decided to use a visual aide to help Daria see what she wants done to her head. (Using visual aides to help an audience) Daria has tried to tell her that she doesn’t think that is the best idea because she isn’t a painter like Jane, so she will probably ruin her friend’s hair. While Daria is working on doing Jane’s hair it becomes more and more apparent that something is actually bothering Jane. Jane lets it slip that she feels that Daria may be after her current boyfriend, Tom. Daria tries to explain to Jane that that is not the case and reminds Jane that she actually disliked Tom when Jane and him first met. This just goes to prove that we don’t always know what is going on in someone else’s head while they are sitting in a chair. That goes for the students in our classroom on a weekly basis, we have no clue what they are sitting there thinking while we are giving our speeches. We try to grasp their attention, but sometimes they may be thinking we are trying to steal their boyfriend the entire time. Remember that anytime you get in front of an audience you have to remember that the audience can be dealing with a multitude of outside influences. You need to remember to keep their interest focused on what you are talking about. If you don’t then you will lose them and they will not remember what the speech was even about.
During another episode of the series Quinn is paid by her parents to spend some time with Daria. Daria tells Quinn that she wants to go to the library. Quinn immediately thinks that this will damage her reputation, which Daria quickly responds to this with, “Fine we will go to the mall where all your friends hang out and we will talk to them and see how they are.” Quinn realizes then that the best place to hang out with Daria is the library cause no one she knows will probably see her there, but while at the library a cute boy from the school actually shows up to pick up his younger brother. Quinn responds that she is there to read books to children because she volunteers her time there. She then hands Daria a book and says, “Thank you Librarian. That will be it for the day for me.” Daria while at the library was doing what we as students should be doing! Daria was doing research and learning for her classes that she had. Research is probably the best way for us to learn more facts for various forms of speeches that we need to give, especially when it comes time for speeches to persuade and inform. Never fear to use the library for the one main purpose it has for us: to inform and help us. Also, even though used as a joke in this episode, never fear to ask the librarian to help you with something. You may be even surprised that they know something about your topic that you are researching and even if they don’t they will know how to direct you to the proper place to find that information that you need.
The last example I am going to use is from the last episode that is a part of a season of Daria called “Boxing Daria”. In this episode it uses the concepts of using a memorable opening to gain your attention and has a closing to remember. The episode opens with nothing but sound playing. You hear cars screeching and hitting each other and someone is being asked if they are okay. Then we see the girls Jane and Daria at school. We know that the car crash must be foreshadowing to something that is going to happen later in the episode, so we are watching for something to happen. The episode focuses primarily on a refrigerator box that Daria remembers having as a child at 6 years old. Her parents don’t seem to remember the box at all, but Daria does. Later Quinn also remembers the box and realizes that Daria is remembering a night that her parents had a huge fight over her being anti-social. Daria used to go into the box for comfort. Daria confronts her parents about this and they admit that they had a huge fight due to the fact that she was different then everyone else and how challenging it was on them to cope with her as a child because they were being called into the counselors all the time. This really disturbs Daria and as a result she takes the family car. She is driving to her boyfriend’s house in the rain, when the car veers off the road. She is fine though. The episode shows the anti-social Daria actually showing kids from the middle school around the school that will be theirs the next year. Showing us that people can change and giving Daria fans a memorable ending to a great run.
There are several other concepts that are in the book also. They range from making a decent outline to presenting credible facts to the classroom. All these concepts are important in making a successful speech. Many of these concepts, unfortunately, do not relate to the TV show, Daria. Daria was a one of a kind show that dealt with a wide range of different things though and was an excellent way for those that were loners to not feel alone in the world finally. It gave people that had previously been feeling like they were the only one that felt the way they felt a new way of looking at things. They could see now that someone else, even if fictional, had their same point of view of the world. Daria had two movies also called, “Is it Fall Yet?” and “Is It College Yet?” That is why I entitled this piece, “Daria: Is this Paper Done Yet?” and now I can finally say, “Yes Daria it is.”
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