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Their mournful cries can still be heard coming from the ground.
The poem is 11 beats each line
in AA BB rhyming scheme

(I made this urban legend up. It does not really exist) *Wink*

There's many urban legends around these parts,
But there's one that will be sure to break your hearts.

It started late one night, many years ago,
A mother and son were killed, left in the snow.
The woman fought hard to try and save her child,
But the deranged killer went completely wild.

Fifty fierce slashes enveloped her remains,
She dropped to the ground, as blood ran from her veins,
A curse she did mumble from her lips so blue,
"I swear I'll haunt you, no matter what you do."

A mother trying hard to save her son's life,
Was stopped short by the savage point of a knife.
When they finally found her on an icy day,
Her son was revealed, trapped under her decay.

It's said if you go out to where they were found,
Their mournful cries are heard, coming from the ground.

And the lunatic who slaughtered them that night,
Went entirely crazy, out of intense fright.

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