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Relationships can be confining when someone imposes their own fiction of you.

With your trowel I heap
more cement
on this masonry,
flawed in structure,
marred in appearance,
but strong all the same.
Would you agree?

You stand there,
half-marveling at it
when I'm not looking,
but you don't notice
that I notice your interest.

I spent years
on one wall
almost as wide
as it is tall,
though a bit uneven.
Would you agree?

I see your head sway.
You eye it up
without a quick answer.
Then, diplomatically,
you tell me it's....

I'd stand back myself,
but I'm stuck.
Say, would you give me
a hand? I'm sinking
in this quicksand.

My feeble request
seems to confuse you.
Your reply, meant well,
is frightening.
You don't need help.
You are where you belong.

My face hardens.
I try not to show it;
inside I'm unglued.
What's happened
to my chemistry?
Why can I not move?

I try to act natural.
She doesn't seem to notice
that I'm helpless,
as I watch her
brick me over.

I don't say anything
about what she's doing.
A brick here, I turn
northward. A brick there,
I've turned south.
And suddenly,
I'm a square!

When she's not looking,
I try to crack the masonry.
All I shed is dust
from caked cement
that binds me
to myself.

Amusing way of imagining a constraining relationship with one who put me in her 'friend zone.'
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