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How life raising children can get you down but in the long run - it is truly a blessing.
I have had many struggles in the past year. The loss of a very good friend and then the passing of my father were very difficult. Usually a “glass half full” type of personality, I began losing my eternal optimist. Shortly, thereafter, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis. With my doctor’s encouragement, I began treatment immediately. Slowly the chemicals I was putting in my body seemed to diminish my normally positive attitude. For the first time in my life, I had to battle to see the upside.

Being the mother of four beautiful daughters had its challenges. Sometimes it seemed relentless and unthankful. It was in my weakness that I saw my daughter’s strength. It was in my desperation that I saw their gratitude. I am lucky. I am lucky because in spite of all the differences, fights and obstacles, I have been privileged to see the beauty in having four daughters. Instinctively they knew it was their turn to be my rod. Slowly they filled my glass back to “half full”.

Recently, three of my four daughters competed for a local talent show. One became the winner of the event. Although, we all knew that day, we were all winners. At the end of the show, all of my wonderful daughters celebrated by singing, dancing and laughing on stage. Their charisma drew everybody in as if they had a hypnotic hold on the audience. I watched quietly on the sidelines, filled with pride. I realized that this was it. It was moments like this when their happiness was spilling over and filled me with infinite joy. I knew that despite any of my struggles, my glass would remain “half full”, as long as I can share in the joy of my four extraordinary daughters.
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