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In this battle for life and death you can't trust no one not even your Sensei
Kiyoko was worked to the bone by Sensei Komaru. Everyday when she returned home she was all out of chakra, she barely saw Sasuke or the rest of squad 7 anymore in fact the only time she would see Naruto was at the ramen shop and Sakura at the hot springs, she collapsed onto her bed once again all out of chakra her Sensei was finally taking her on a real mission out of the village. She was to meet him at dawn at the entrance of the village she sighed and closed her eyes as she fell into a deep sleep. She dreamt she was home with her family back at the sound village, she ran to her home but suddenly her house was engulfed in flames, as the villagers chased her through the woods she cried out but no one heard he no one cared. She shot up tears pouring down her face. The nightmare played over and over again in her mind as she walked toward the village entrance, when she reached her destination Sensei Komaru was already there
“YOUR LATE” he snarled Kiyoko raised her eyebrow at this Komaru was never the super nice kind of guy he also wasn’t what you called mean either a good word to describe him would be “Shy” and for him to lash out at something as simple as being five minutes, yep something was up, but what? she thought. Her thoughts were interpreted “COME ON, let’s go already we’ve got lot of ground to cover” Kiyoko rolled her eyes as the two left the village.

Hours had passed and the two kept walking “Sensei” Kiyoko sighed “where are we headed too” he just grinned “Were here” his voice was cold and empty, he turned toward Kiyoko “it is time” he suddenly leaped up into the trees and out of sight. Kiyoko staggered back as she took out her knife and held it in defense, suddenly a man walked out he had an umbrella tied to his waist she had never seen a umbrella quite like this before without warning he thru it into the air. It swirled around sending kunai everywhere. There were too many to dodge, Kiyoko felt hundreds of kunai digging into her back she stood and turned towards the man she ran full speed towards him “Shadow Clone Jutsue” she made about forty copies of herself “Screaming Vortex Jutsue” all of her clones made quick had movements then screamed at the top of their lungs. The vortex caused by the screams sent the man flying into the air he came down and landed with a thud his clothes were ripped blood was pouring from the scratch marks Kiyoko smirked “it should have felt like little knifes were slicing up your entire body” she examined the man and noticed he was an assassin. Komaru jumped down from the trees and hit Kiyoko in the back with two knifes “devil child how could you have taken out one of the best assassins of the village hidden in the mist in one blow, none the less I shall finish you of myself” Kiyoko was still very weak from the Vortex and could not fight a trained ninja by herself “Like my mother always said try or die” Kiyoko moved her arms up then brought them down. Snakes suddenly appeared stopping the man in his tracks “don’t move” Kiyoko hissed “aw come on do you really think a few snakes will stop me” “right now there is a Yellow Tailed Striker on your shoulder and is at my full command, one bite from this baby and your whole immune system will shut down killing you within five seconds” Komaru froze as the snake curled around his neck “My orders are exact, take me too the closest team and don’t try anything sneaky, remember one flick of the wrist is all it takes”

It was the afternoon the next day, the two had walked thru the night. Kiyoko was drastically losing blood but she held strong, she heard voices coming from up ahead “Naruto your such a loser” the voice sounded like Sasuke, she could not move any further her heart beat with pain. Kakashi heard the footsteps behind them as Komaru emerged from the bushes he was trembling “Everyone go up there and take a break” the squad did as he commanded “Komaru what happened to you?” “that girl is the demon, the demon I say she attacked me out of nowhere, kill her Kakashi kill her!” “Lies they are lies” tears were streaming down Kiyoko’s face “He is the one who attacked me” “do not listen to her Kakashi” Kiyoko was suddenly face down on the floor, blood pouring from her back “if she attacked you Komaru, why is she the one badly hurt and you perfectly fine?” Kakashi called over too Sakura “Tend to her wounds, she has lost a lot of blood” Sakura nodded and ran to the girl. Sasuke turned his head and saw Kiyoko’s limp bodying lying on the ground, he felt his heart stop and relized his legs were movig toward the girl when he suddenly felt a tug on his shoulder "Kakashi" "Yo" "Let me go what are you doing" "Let her heal Sasuke" Sasuke's eyes softened as he shook of Kakashi and walked toward Naruto “How’s she doing?” Kakashi asked walking over to Sakura and the now bandaged girl “she’ll be fine, but I don't expect her to be waking up any time soon” Kakashi sighed "oh well I needed a break anyway." Kiyoko’s eyes opened she saw Kakashi talking to two masked ninja they grabbed Komaru and jumped into the sky, Kakashi walked over to Kiyoko “feel better“ she nodded "How long have been out" "couple hours" she tried to stand "no don't your not healed enough" Sakura said running to her side "i'm fine I don't need your help" she said coldly this made Sakura back away a little "well we were going to go to the Villiage hidden in the waves but in your condition i guess well just have to set up camp for the night" Kiyoko's mouth hung open for a split second but she quickly closed it "no I will be reading in 5 minutes" "5 minutes look I understand why your so upseyt and fell like you must get your pride back but 5 mi.." "5 MINUTES" Kakashi was cut off by her roaring voice and slowly backed away.
She sat down under a tree and meditated for exactly five minutes this was also a gift handed down to her from her clan, it gave her power to heal herself when she needed it. Kiyoko finally stood in exactly 5 minutes and walked over to the rest of the group "Kiyoko this is Tazuna we have to take make sure he gets to the land of the waves saftely" "o so your the one who's been holding up the group, feel better!?" he said mockingly Kiyoko's eye twitched and everyone sweatdropped "look old man you should begratfull that i'm even helping you get to your crummy village of waves" Kakashi sensei stepped in before anything it got outta hand "well we've wasted enough time chattering now let's go" and with that
squad 7, Tazuna, and Kiyoko headed of toward the villiage hidden in the waves.

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