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a.k.a. Why You Wouldn't Want To Know Her
Hi! If you haven't already figured it out, my name is Sara King ;)

I'm a Science Fiction author born and raised in Alaska. No, I don't live in an igloo, but I have done a lot of stuff most of you would find completely out-of-this-world. (Using an outhouse, for example...)

A few things about me: I married my High School sweetheart at eighteen, followed him around the country when he joined the Marines, and got down and kissed the ground when we finally came back to Alaska to stay.

Writing is my life. I write when I should be sleeping, eating, socializing, bathing, and reproducing. (Yeah, ask Steven about that one!) I devote so much time and energy to my work that I write a horrendous amount of words every day, on average 7k, though I've done as much as 14,483 and as few as -20k. (The moral of that story: You don't wanna see me on a bad day.)

An unfortunate side-effect of my writing obsession is that I neglect every friend, family-member, and pet I've ever had. (Before you call PETA, my lab lives in a home with TWO people, and my husband is quite the animal lover, so it balances out...)

I'm currently working on a Sci-Fi series about aliens discovering Earth. I've written nine books since sixth grade, but I only think five of them are worthy of your eyes. Gamers, which I've posted here, has got some serious problems, which I was hoping some kind soul would help me with. I know that's an idiotic thing to do, since I'm looking to impress people and not to make them point and laugh, but I hope you understand.

As far as those five manuscripts go, Gamers ranks somewhere the bottom. I've got two I'm particularly proud of--The Congie and After Earth--and Congie, the first of the series, is currently undergoing a full read with a popular agent in NY. Considering Congie made it past the query, sample chapter, and then first fifty stages, I'm super psyched.

Not so thrilling is that Gamers was turned down by the same popular NY agent after another full read almost exactly one year ago. Now, looking back with all of my added one year of writing experience, I can see why. I'm surprised and grateful he gave me another chance. Gamers is on the cusp of becoming one of those manuscripts I hide under my bed in shame, invoking the gag reflex every time I look at it.

Soooo...any reviews on Gamers would be very much appreciated, but if you're looking for a better example of my work, download Congie or After Earth from http://www.kingfiction.com/samplechapters.php.

Still, Gamers isn't a horrible read, such that it is. I pretty much guarantee that if you read the first chapter, you'll read the second...and third...and fourth...and so on. If you don't believe me, try it yourself ;)

You can read the first chapters of all five of my manuscripts on my website http://www.kingfiction.com. My website also contains a more in-depth bio, pictures of Alaska, samples from my other manuscripts, my blog, and my forum. If you like what you read, please email me at thundress@hotmail.com. I love to chat and critique, if you're interested.

Thanks for reading!
Sara King
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