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@Pepsi is good.
November 3, 2006

The Lord spoke to me. I love @Pepsi. It has more fizz than, other sodas.
The fizz spoke to me. At first I thought it said, "sssssssSatin."
But, after twenty minutes of meditation I could hear, "sssssSon of God."
It is important that you head this: "The Son of God is here in the United
States." You must buy @Pepsi.
His name is Fred. He wants to be your friend. Buy @Pepsi.
Science can not explain this, but Fred is in your @Pepsi. It's a mystery.+
Do not be afraid. Fred is tasty. Only the blasphemers drink @Coke Cacola.
@Coke Cacola drinkers are unhappy and should be beheaded.+
That's what Fred told me... He sounds like Yoda.
If you don't believe me; your doomed. And I'll cut your head off.
The ancient mystics understood this faith. But, they had no @Pepsi.
We live in marvolous times.
Fred permits the @Coke Cacola company to prosper to test our faith in
My @Pepsi tells me these are your lucky numbers: 5-13-37-9-22-11.
All nations drink @Pepsi or your doomed.

Pease be with You.
Drink @Pepsi.
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