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Rated: 13+ · Documentary · Drama · #1174854
This is a conversation of me vs. my evil self. The choices I make that effect me later.
I saw the monstrosity in his eyes, they were coal and extensive. I sat in wonder, does he remember me? It’s not like we haven’t meet before, his name is one you can never forget. His eyes piercing the very soul of mine, burning a hole in my eyes. “Hello Lucifer, how goes it?” I shutter out with toughness trying to hide my fear. I see his evilness sitting high as a halo. He laughs as he grabs me with his cold hands. “(in a deep voice) The same as always you foolish mortal.” I quiver in fear thinking what’s next. Because of the dark alley we reside in, I can’t see his face. However that doesn’t matter now that I know he sees through me. He drops me and I fall and hit the ground. With a smirk on his face he lights a cigarette and blows out white rings of smoke. “Who’s mind will we corrupt today?” He says in laughter, knowing exactly what I’ll say. I get up, brush myself off and say, “pick one, it’s easier that way.” I shake off the ashes off my jacket. He points his arm towards a girl, revealing his red claws. The girl is young with pig tails, wearing a sunny, yellow dress. She looks lost and scared, “Mommy, daddy?” She whispers in fear as tears roll down her cheeks. A brunette girl hold her arms and rubbing them still searching. With realization I turn to him and utter, “No someone else.” “But why not her, you corrupt the moral filled humans and you taunt them like taking candy from a baby. Why not her?” I look away in disgust, “ I won’t do it and your to weak to do it. Pick someone else.” I see the ashes fall from his cigarette. “You will do it to her.” “NO AND THAT’S FINAL! I said that I would corrupt the ones you pick but not her.” “(screaming) You will do it or I will.” I turn to him and yell, “YOU DO IT THEN, FOR I AM DONE!” He then jumps into my body and I black out. I awake to see it before my eyes. It rips my heart to pieces to see I did it to her. She sits on the steps with blood on her dress, crying with her head in her hands. A block away I see the guy with a smirk on his face, he’s got her blood on his pants. I walk over to her,” I blacked out, what happened?” She stops crying, still holding her head, “ I was looking for my mommy and daddy when this guy pulled me off the street into the alley. He held me down and ripped out my body parts.” She lifts up her dress and I see nothing but her bones left. She looks up and laughs as I see her white filled eyes dripping with blood. I scream and run, “ What did I get myself into?” I stop running to catch my breath when I see myself fall from a cliff and die.
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