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For a contest. Be kind to the cook.
A Recipe to Make a President Cry

                    2 cups Tom DeLay
                    2 cups Donald Rumsfeld
                    2 cups Rush Limbaugh
                    1 cup Michael J. Fox
                    A pinch of Bob Ney and Jack Abramoff
                    1 teaspoon Mark Foley (or as much as you can stand)
                    6 newly elected Democratic Senators
                    30 new Democrat House seats

Mix together the first two ingredients until your head swims. Add Limbaugh to Fox until Fox breaks out in laughter and graciously walks away (you may very well need less Limbaugh than listed). Combine Limbaugh with the DeLay/Rumsfeld mixture. Carefully add Ney and Abramoff – be careful to cover your nose. Add Foley* drop by drop until the mixture achieves a sleazy consistency.

(*Note: Foley may cause an allergic reaction in some people, and may be omitted.)

Bake in a hot Iraqi desert (ask our brave troops for exact temperature) four years or more. Garnish with new Congress members. Serve at the White House. Invite Hillary.
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