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adult, personal, hurt and healing,
friendship mistaken
innocence taken
distortion in my mind
only to find
confusion and wondering why
believing in your kind words
to venture something new
so hopeful, for what i thought was true
dark secrets in your eyes
locked behind your closed door
i never saw, until then, who you were
how our minds can twist
believing that good things exist.
i couldn't see what was instore
you welcomed me
opening your door.
a sinister smile, and evil eyes
i began to realize
a mistake i had made
but too late it was,
I tried to run ,.falling to the floor
trapt inside behind a closed door
grim was my end
he held me tight
my nightmare, was about to begin.
this was real, not a dream
no one could hear my scream.

fearing my life was going to end
feeling that knife close to my skin.
"there's no escape" he told this to me
"mine you are and you will stay "
or into the lake my body would lay.
i am not the same life over before it had begun
my innocence, and feelings of trust
dirt and disgrace won't wash away
my world full of shame

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