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A fairy tale that I wrote a few years back but I revised it.
A long time ago, in a land far away, lived a Princess with her parents in a powder blue castle. Princess Bella was beautiful and was looking forward to her upcoming wedding to the Prince. She felt that she was the luckiest young woman in the world.

Everyday, Bella would feed the ducks and swans on the pond then pick flowers by the woods. Red and pink roses and purple tulips were her favorites and she wanted to have some to carry in her wedding.

Everyone loved Bella except Octavia, the mean ugly witch with the teal green face and warts all over. Needless to say, she was jealous of the Princess's beauty. She wanted to be beautiful just like Bella. Octavia brewed up an ugly potion for Bella and put it on the flowers by the woods. Bella loved to smell the flowers.

The next day, Bella smelled the flowers and started to feel dizzy and she sneezed and her eyes watered as a strange sensation came over her. Something was terribly wrong. Octavia ran out of the woods holding a mirror and was laughing. Bella looked in the mirror and she was ugly just like Octavia! this was tragic! It had worked! Octavia was so happy and our Princess was so miserable. Octavia was now beautiful just like the Princess had been. Bella was heartbroken and crying. No one would believe that she was the Princess. She had no choice but to live out her days in the witch's cottage. She would never marry her handsome Prince and he would never hold her in his arms again. Bella just couldn't bear it.

Octavia went to the castle to take Bella's place. Octavia fooled Bella's parents King Portho and Queen Marlena. Prince Phillip was coming over to see Bella and Octavia knew that she would have to make him think that she was his perfect, precious Bella.

Unbeknownst to Bella and Octavia, a unicorn had seen what happened. Bella was all alone in the witch's cottage. The unicorn came to visit Bella and told her that he would help her but they had to find the pink fairy. She was the only one who could break the spell. Bella wanted her beauty and her life back so bad. SHE COULDN'T LET OCTAVIA MARRY HER PRINCE!

Bella told the unicorn that she wanted her beauty and life back so badly. She said: "Ler's search for the pink fairy."

Bella hopped on the unicorn's back and they went through the woods till they came upon the ocean. Sabrina, the Mermaid was combing her hair and sitting on a rock. She was humming until she saw the ugly witch{Our Princess}. She yelled: "Octavia, go away! We don't want your evil spells!"

"Sabrina. It is I, Bella. Octavia cast a spell and stoled my beauty." Bella's voice sounded so sweet.

"No kidding! Oh Bella! I would know your sweet voice anywhere. I wish I could help."

Sabrina was so sincere. Her long red hair touched the ground and she remembered Bella's beautiful blonde hair and green eyes. WOULD SHE EVER SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS AGAIN? She hoped so.

The unicorn asked. "Have you see the pink fairy?"

"No, I heard that she changed into an animal and no one has seen her since. Rumors from the other fairies and mermaids, you know."

Bealla felt so helpless. "Thanks, Sabrina. I gues I will have to stay ugly unless I find the animal that the pink fairy changed herself into."

Back at the castle, Prince Phillip had just arrived. He kissed Bella but her kiss wasn't warm and friendly like it always was before. Phillip was confused. "Bella" yelled at her pet cat Lucy because she rubbed against her legs. {Octavia hated cats.} The Prince sighed. What was upsetting his beautiful Princess that he loved so? Lucy scratched "Bella."

Phillip asked. "What is wrong, Bella?"

"Bella" smiled. "Oh, I am just having pre-wedding jitters. I am sorry." She smiled but it was an evil smile. Octavia had stolen the Princess's beauty but not her personality.

Phillip hugged Bella. He hoped that she would return to her sweet self soon before the wedding.

Bella and the unicorn traveled through the woods until they came to a cave. The Dragon, Montrose lived here. A puff of fire came out of the cave. "Go away or I will have you fried and bake you for dinner!"

"Please. Montrose. It is I. Bella. The witch has stolen my beauty and I look exactly like her. I need your help."

Montrose was a dark blue, green and purple dragon. He was actually beautiful and friendly but he trusted so few humans. Bella was his friend. He poked his head out. "Yikes! You look like that awful witch Octavia! What kind of joke is that? Back off witch or I will fry you!!"

"Please, it is really me, Bella, your friend. I am under an ugly spell."

"You got that right. Hey! Princess, I would know your voice anywhere. You are ugly but I see the sweetness of my friend Bella. You know. The pink fairy could help. Wait. She isn't a fairy anymore. She changed herself into a white cat and lives with a family. I had almost forgotten."

Bella hugged Montrose. "Thanks old friend. I love you."

"No sentiments here. I love you, too. Go find a white cat. That cat may be in Sleeping Beauty's castle. Forget that. There is a curse on the castle and everyone who lived and served there. Octavia's sister put that curse on them and it can only be broken by a Prince or knight who finds his way there and kisses the sleeping girl. This happened before the pink fairy became a white cat. Good luck and I hope you find the white cat."

Bella thanked Montrose. She turned to the unicorn. "We have to find a family with a white cat. There will probably be more then one family."

Bella got back on the unicorn and they rode back into the woods. They came upon the castle where Sleeping Beauty was. Bella sighed. She had heard the Princess was beautiful but had to sleep for an hundred years. The Princess would never age. Lucky her. Her curse would be broken someday but Bella wasn't sure of her own fate. She sighed. She had to find the white cat.

Tomorrow was the wedding. Everyone was busy. Octavia threw a cake at the cook because she wanted chocolate not vanilla. Phillp wished that he could change his mind about marrying Bella. WHAT HAD HAPPEN TO HER? He didn't love her at this moment. Lucy, the white cat decided to take a hike. She was going to find a new home and she started to walk towards the woods. The flowers smelled awful. What had happened? Suddenly, she knew. Bella always smelled the flowers. Lucy had seen Octavia mesing around with the flowers the other day. Princess "Bella" at the castle was really the witch Octavia! Lucy turned into the pink fairy and went to find Bella.

Bella and the unicorn spent the night in a deserted cave. The pink fairy flew all night. The next morning, Bella and the unicorn came out of the cave. Bella hadn't slept at all. Octavia would marry Phillip today. Her heart was broken. She couldn't stop it. Just then Lucy, her cat came into the cave. Bella was so happy as she hugged her cat. Lucy changed into the pink fairy! Bella was shocked. What on earth?

"Bella, I have been your cat for eight years. I was mad at your grandfather for vanishing my brother but I found out my brother was an evil fairy and your grandfather had a gypsy vanish him. I changed myself into a cat so that I could live with you and spy on your family. Anyway, we don't have much time. We have to get to the castle and stop the wedding. Octavia is awful. She is so mean to everyone. Let's go!"

The unicorn had Bella ride on his back and the pink fairy sprinkled fairy dust on the unicorn to make him fly. They had to stop Octavia from marrying the Prince.

Octavia and Prince Phillip stood before the minister. Phillip was miserable. What had changed Bella? "Phillip, do you take this woman to be your wedded wife?" asked the minister. Before Phillip could answer, the unicorn landed with Bella and the pink fairy sat on her shoulder.

King Portho yelled: "Guards, get the witch out of here! Seize her!"

"Daddy, it is me" The King and Phillip looked at the ugly Bella. The pink fairy sprinkled fairy dust all over and Bella was her beautiful self again and Octavia was the ugly witch that she had always been. Everyone was shocked. The King and Queen hugged and kissed their daughter. Octavia yelled "NO!" This can't be!" POOF! She disappeared into a puff of smoke.

Phillip and Bella embraced. "Oh, Phillip, I am so sorry. I love you and had to find the pink fairy to help me. I was so afraid that you would marry Octavia and think that I was evil. I was so scared and I missed you. I am back and oh, Darling, I want to marry you. Thank goodness I got back in time."

Oh, Bella, I knew that other woman couldn't be you. You are so sweet and you would never act like that. She had your beauty but not your pure, gentle heart. The beauty that shines from you was missing. I wish I had known what had happened. I love you, Bella. Can we get married now?"

"Oh, Phillip, I love you, too my handsome Prince. Let's get married. I am afraid I won't be wearing my beautiful dress but that doesn't matter. I am marrying you no matter what."

"Yes, you are." The pink fairy sprinkled more dust on Bella and Bella wore a beautiful white wedding dress covered with pearls and diamonds and a veil and silver crown. She was the most beautiful Princess and bride ever. Prince Phillip and Princess Bella were married as they shared the world's longest kiss. They lived happily ever after. The unicorn got to live at the castle and the pink fairy returned to the forest to live but she left three cats for the royal couple as wedding gift. A black cat, a white cat and a grey stripped tabby with black stripes. They were beautiful cats and not fairies in disguise.

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