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by SueVN
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Two girls in "difficult" situation. Flash fiction <300 words.
*Wink* Written for flash fiction contest: under 300 words *Smile*

The door slammed shut behind the young teenagers.

Stacy tried the handle. "It's locked."

"The house is deserted! How could it be locked?" Kate twisted the knob. It didn't turn. "Man, are we stupid for taking that dare or what? Are all the windows boarded?"

Stacy walked into the filtered light of the empty living room. The floor creaked under her feet. She went on into the kitchen. "Everything's shut up in here."

Kate ventured into the back bedroom. The door creaked behind her. "Hey, Stacy! That you?"

"What's me? I'm going upstairs."

Kate turned to follow and the bedroom door slammed in her face. "Stacy!" She tried the door and it wouldn't budge. "Staaaaaaacy!" She heard footsteps running down the stairs. She jumped back when the door opened.

"What, Kate? I'm trying to find a way out of here and you are down here screaming. Now, come on upstairs. I think we might get out through an upstairs window." She grabbed Kate's hand and the two went to the second floor.

She led Kate into a bedroom with an unboarded window. "It's nailed shut, but I found this old paint can. Stand back." She bashed the window and glass flew. As they looked out the window, heavy footsteps creaked slowly up the stairs.

"I'll lock the door." Kate rushed over. "My God! There's no lock!" She looked back to see Stacy halfway out the window.

"C'mon Kate! Now!" Kate climbed out behind Stacy and the girls clung to the roofline reaching a tree brushing the house. They climbed down and hid a block away behind a bush.

"You girls need something in that house?" An elderly lady peered at them over her glasses. "They say the man who lived there murdered his sons. Probably best to stay away."

299 words

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