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Prompt One. We really do God's head in.


He opened His eyes and looked around him. He was still in the same place he remembered as He had closed His eyes. To His left and right sat The Helpers, The Divine. They all looked tired but peaceful; each one beautiful in his way, each one worthy of more than mankind could ever know or be thankful for. Light and love emanated from them even as they rested. They were as bright as the evening stars and as warm as every sun in each galaxy, they were the light that inspired man, they were there from before time, and apart from The Ones that thought they could do so much more alone, they were the only entities who could now help to make a difference. How long had they worked tirelessly without selfishly wondering why? It was a mark of their divine perfection that they still gave all they could. It was a mark of love, pure selfless love that they tried so hard to inspire and encourage. . .

He looked down on his workmanship and sighed. His shook his head and his heart felt heavy as he dared, almost, to conceive that this time they may just get it right. They may, just, understand what he was trying to show them. But he then remembered, they were human, and even then, they were so distant from His first Beloved ones, it was almost impossible to see a way to lead them out of their dark evil little places, back to the love and joy of sharing and caring. The first two knew how it felt to be so in love with all around that to give was the only thing they wanted to do. They gave to the Earth and the animals. They gave to each other, and they gave to the Divine, and they felt love and they were happy!

He sighed again, and berated himself for not seeing how the Others were changing. They had watched the first two and wanted to show them too much too soon.

“Why can’t they have the knowledge yet?” They had asked more than once. “Imagine what we can do with them when they know the truth. We could have so much fun!”
There was a glint in the eyes of these Other Ones that He didn’t recognise. It didn’t look holy and righteous somehow, but They were all perfection personified, He had made all Divine One that way. These that he now called The Others should not have known those carnal feelings and the lusts that lay in their eyes so long ago. They wanted too much from these tiny fragile creatures. They wanted to use them as toys, for their own satisfaction. He was not going to let that happen. He loved his little humans and they were going to be wonderful given enough time and love. The Others had been far too persistent to have been left alone with them. That was more than obvious now. The jealousy was there to see, but it was not known for The Divine to harbour such feelings. If only . . . If only!

It was too late for regret now. There would be enough time to regret when it was all finished, one way or the other. For now there was just another chance to put it all into some order, another chance to stir the flame of humanity in the poor souls of the creatures living such a travesty of what they were meant to be. He sounded the golden horn and awoke The Divine. Much talk and chatter could be heard as they arrived in the hall. They knew that The Son was arriving soon and he had a quarrelsome anger about Him these last few days. He thought it time to stand up for the poor little unfortunates again. He was sure that this time, somehow, he could get through the hard shells surrounding their hearts; get through the blindness that had fallen upon them since The Others had taken control of the Earthly Realms.

The Son arrived. He was glorious and perfection. He was wondrous and full of heavenly beauty. All around His being there lingered the smell of incense and flowers and rivers, around His head they appeared birds of every description and type, they sang the sweetest song and their feathers glistened and shone as he walked. The Divine parted as He made His way down the hall and knelt before His Father. The Old One gestured towards the chair to His right, and The Son arose and sat where His Father had shown Him.

“I think it’s time I went down again, Father,” The Son started, “I think that this time they will listen to me. At least they know who I am this time. They have spent enough time waiting for me to return. Do you not think they will understand it all at long last?” They may even . . .”

The Old One put up his hand to stop the conversation.

“I will not allow it again my beloved son. They have no idea of what they do when they are frightened. Look what they did last time, I almost lost you. They will run and cower, and The Others will cloud their judgement and their hearts again. You would not survive another human death. I will not allow it! Much as I love them, I love you more. I will not lose you for a lost cause; I will not give away my precious one again. We will find another way. If we do not, then so be it. We tried. We move on and start again. I love them, but you see how they are themselves, if something is wrong they rip it up and start again. That is how it will be.”

“I don’t agree Father! I think they will realize this time! I want this! I want to go down. I loved them so much last time, they are wonderful when they open and are full of love and understanding. Let me do this thing. They will know I am sure.”

“They are even more evil now Son. They are not as they were then. Their senses are dull and clouded. They are not sure we even exist anymore. Religion is an excuse to fight and take now. They talk but they do not feel. They say the words then turn and sin without a second thought. In fact they don’t even know what a sin is and what is not any more. They are lost, my son. They will not recognise you!”

“There must be a way! Can you not bring me back up if they are as dead in their hearts as you say?” The Son pleaded.

Much was discussed in the next aeon or two. The Divine were divided in their stand, and much was said about The Others. Mankind carried on his way, oblivious to the importance of the decision that was about to be made. Once or twice, The Old One banged his foot, and earthquakes rocked the Earth. The Son spat in frustration and there were floods. Much happened on the Earth, but the humans had no idea of why or how.

Maria was hot and flustered. She knew she was about to have her child, but her husband was serving in Iraq. Hopefully he would arrive home in time. Perhaps they would have an hour or two alone before their child pushed his way into the world. Her pregnancy had been such a shock to them both. She had been on the pill for years, and they had decided not to have children until he had left the army. Things always have a way of surprising you, and Maria had cried tears of both joy and sadness when the pregnancy test had turned blue. Now she just wanted to be with Joe. He made things better just by putting his big strong hand around her.

They were together for the birth in London. At 11.20, Maria gave birth to a bouncing, beautiful baby boy. He came into the world with his eyes open, and she was sure he looked straight at her as she held him to her breast. The radio was playing a song from the 80’s in the background and she felt tired and happy and so full of love and joy: more love and joy than she had ever known. The song was interrupted suddenly and a voice apologised for the sudden news. . . A bomb had exploded just a few streets away from where she held her son. The City was under red alert! People were running and crying just yards from where she lay. She looked down at her beautiful boy and he seemed to know what she was thinking.

“It’s okay.” She heard a voice “They won’t get me this time. It’s going to be alright Maria.”
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