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This poem is about looking past our differences to find the truth inside.
Her lips and nails
are painted black.
There is so much more
to her than that.

A budding young woman.
Barely a teen.
Finding her way
needing to be seen.

She has true wisdom.
Her "self" is so deep.
She even cries.
Her secrets I'll keep.

She loves to be different.
She is really so funny.
She may look so sad.
But, she can be very sunny.

She's more than black clothes.
Don't judge what you see.
Her talents are amazing.
She needs to be free.

Free to be---
my little songbird.
Pen to paper
her written word.

Artistic she is
in every which way.
But the world is so blind
in the light of the day.

She is so mature,
far beyond her years.
She feels so deep.
She writes through her tears.

My beautiful angel.
I see the real you.
Your courage amazing.
To this you stay true.

My pride in you
is without end.
You will survive.
Don't ever bend.

Being yourself,
true to just you.
Will serve you far better
in all that you do.

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