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by jewelz
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A 9/11 novel with a twist
Author's Note: This is a very rough outline and most is subject to change, but I would appreciate any and all feedback.

Chapter 1: A letter arrives from Franklin Anderson to Colleen Whitmore. He claims that he was with Jack as he spoke his last words in the World Trade Center. Colleen writes "Franklin" thanking him for making her face the reality that he is gone. She also reveals future plans.

Chapter 2: Flashback to pre 9/11. Jack and Colleen express the unhappiness in their marriage in separate conversations to a therapist. Each explain why they are staying in a loveless marriage; eventhough they crave a simplier time.

Chapter 3: The Morning of 9/11. Jack and Colleen's last moments together, which includes a haunting look that follows Jack.

Chapter 4: Jack's Split Second decision. After the first plane hits the WTC, Jack quick realizes that Franklin, a loner with no family, has died. Jack steals his briefcase realizing that this is his moment to free himself from his commitment.

Chapter 5: Waiting for Jack. Colleen and the days that follow the tragedy. Her attempts to find out anything about her husband.

Chapter 6: Jack's New Beginning. Jack relocates and assumes the identiy of Franklin Anderson.

Chapter 7: The Footage. Colleen hangs on to a piece of footage air by the nightly news showing a man who looks like Jack running down the street.

Chapter 8: Picking up the pieces. Jack and Colleen's parents arrive. Colleen finally tells the kids that daddy isn't coming home; although Colleen still has not accepted the idea. Finally against her wishes, they hold a memorial service.

Chapter 9: Back to the present: Colleen finally lets go of Jack after receiving "Franklin's" letter. She moves her family closer to her parents. She slowly begins to put the pieces back together.

Chapter 10: Attempting to move forward. Colleen is fighting the identity that is being pressed upon by the small town community that she is now part of. She doesn't want to be the woman who lost her husband on 9/11.

Chapter 11: Franklin's Second Letter on the 1st Anniversary. "Franklin" writes to check up on Colleen and the kids. In Colleen's letter she expresses that she is thankful that the children are too young to be premenantly scar by the tragic death of their father or to even be haunted by his memory, which hurts Jack.

Chapter 12: Franklin's Third Letter on the 2nd Anniversary. "Franklin" in an emotionally charged letter urges Colleen to move with her life and stop grieving Jack. "Franklin" reveals that the tragedy has paralyzed him also.

Chapter 13: Colleen meets another. Colleen meets a younger man, Ben. Ben will not allow Colleen to live in the past. She worries that he is too young, but she finally allows herself to follow her heart.

Chapter 14: Jack attempts to move on. Jack dates several women. He is surprised to learn how true his statement about being paralyzed emotional is. He realizes that remorse is eating him alive.

Chapter 15: Jack's Inner Thoughts. Jack tries to figure out a way to tell Colleen that he is Franklin, but he quickly realizes that could cause more damage.

Chapter 16: Franklin's 4th letter on the 3rd Anniversary. "Franklin's" letter is very short. Colleen reports that she has met Ben. She also reports that the kids love Ben. Jack's worst fears are confirmed he has been replaced.

Chapter 17: Colleen goes forward and Jack takes a step back. Ben asks Colleen to marry him. He also asks if he can adopt the children. Jack realizes and accepts that he has made a terrible mistake. He knows that he has sentenced himself to a lifetime of loneliness.

Chapter 18: Franklin's 5th letter on the 4th Anniversary. "Franklin's" letter contains a vague confession. He claims that he has made mistakes that has hurt the people that he has loved the most. The letter remains unopened and is eventually discarded. Colleen was too busy preparing to move to Ontario with Ben. In the last year, Ben and Colleen have married.

Chapter 19: Colleen unpacks in Ontario. Colleen begins unpacking boxes that she had not opened in years. She comes across boxes containing some of Jack's things. At first she is taken back, but in reflectory moment, she realizes how happy she truly is. That night she discovers that she is expecting.

Chapter 20: On the Street. After a day of shopping, Colleen steps out of a shop into the path of Franklin "Jack" Anderson. Both are shaken by seeing each other. Neither know what to say to each other. Both continue to walkway from each other.
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