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Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #1178984
It's okay to promise to do something, but what if your life changes and you CAN'T?
Yesterday’s Promises

I am a woman on the go;
It’s really no big deal.
The more things that I need to do,
The happier I feel.

The bake sale is on Saturday;
I promised them a pie.
They said they always call me first…
(They do? I wonder why?)

I promised Kate I’d fix her dress.
The dance is Friday night.
She says the shoulder straps are loose.
I’ll need to make them tight.

I promised Tim that I’d proofread
The essay that he wrote.
He’s in 8th grade and needs to learn
To credit every quote.

I promised Dad that I’d come down
And take him to the store.
Since Mom died, he’s been all alone.
He can’t drive anymore.

My husband knows I’m on the go,
But he needs my help, too.
I promised I’d help scrape the paint
From his old red canoe.

I promised these things yesterday,
I wasn’t even stressed.
But now I’m scared because I found
A lump inside my breast.

I’m standing here and time just stops …

My brain feels out of sync …

I feel my breathing slowing down …

My eyes don’t even blink.

I hear a voice inside my head,
“It all will be okay.”
It’s just a whisper, very faint,
So soft and far away.

“Hey Mom, where are you?” Katie called.
I heard Tim yell, “Hey, Mom!”
“Hey Honey, are you still upstairs?”
How can I be so calm?

Please, help me God, what will I do?
I’ve promises to keep!
So many things will go undone!
I slide down in a heap.

-- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. --

But, all of that’s behind me now.
Right now, I’m cancer-free.
My promises have dwindled down.
Now, I take time for me.

rhyme pattern: a b c b
meter: 8 - 6 - 8 - 6
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