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A poem, attempting to capture the thrill of travel...
Travel Time

This is how it is with travel - so much to say,
If I start this now, I’ll finish -
Come what may

A few friends thrown in, special ones too
Thoughts, emotions right on cue
Wheels down – begins our stay
A sunny land
Like every day
Beaches, hills even mountain peaks
Driving through these roads, I wish for more weeks,
To have the time, just to make up my mind,
Where to go and who or what to find.
And all too soon it slips away and ends –
But still my mind and thoughts depends
On the future, the next one and the friends.

Here I go anticipation charged, engines roar
This bird’ll jus soar
Into the sky turning back the time
Into the zone again I’m in my prime.

Next day’s here, ready to ride, all set to go,
Lets kickstart this trail, with the flow,
Buildings, glaciers, rocks and green
This just rules,
Transplant your mind into this elevated scene

Snow like fluff, red rock dust,
Nothing seen like this before
A return to this place - a must
The Caldera shoots its vicious jets
Its water….
But they return to it, just like pets
It’s boiling, burning,
Fizzing in the pools, in the seas
Brought a mammal literally to its knees.

Moving on now to a special place
Described - with a simple face
A young gun
We all know him, a part of him in every one
Yes every person under the sun.
Some won’t admit that this is true
But I’m happy to, will you?

How can I paint this picture in your mind?
You’ve read my words and seen whats behind-
Hot sunny days, Mountain backdrop, village hills,
How can I resist this line - and sweet skills.

Not long there, it’s almost done
Completion of this loop, it’s more than fun,
Transports you to a different plane,
I’m vain
And more of the same
It’s a game

Yes more of the same – yes indeed,
More exploration and reality on which my mind can feed,
Because what came next was so intense
Expectant airways tinged with suspence,
It’s a beginning again, you know how it feels
Too me you know its excitement that thrills.

Humidity, shapes and lush blue sky
People often move here you can see why,
A butterfly
Flying by
In iridescent blue,
Its wings like few things, beautiful
Like you.
Bridges, trees and high rise towers an atmosphere
So clear
You can feel it here.

If there’s one thing you can’t describe
It is that atmosphere
I’ll try and confide.

Windows with the suns reflectant glare
A new ticket bought, an all day fare
Sirens, Taxi’s in despair
Vying for space somewhere out there,
But from up here it looks so right
Buildings tower up in all there might.
So in amongst all this sound
These man made objects are all around……

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