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A study of Easter Eggs
An Interview with the Easter Bunny+

Let me dispel the notion that the Easter Bunny is a cartoon for children.
The Easter Bunny is an ancient pagan fertility symbol which predates
Christianity. Spring and the Easter Bunny signify rebirth and in Chistian
lore the Resurection of the Jesus their Messiah.+ This is a serious spiritual
I had ridden my byclicle a few miles and was resting on my back beside
the road. A bunny peared out at me from some tall grasses.
"Hello." said the bunny.
"What? Are you talking to me?" I responded in amazement.
"Yes, I'm the Easter Bunny. I can speak telepathically... I wanted to
tell you life is a journey.+"
"I know that." I answered the bunny and continued: "Are you Christian?"
The bunny pointed his or her ears straight up: "I'm older than religion."
His or her eyes were mesmerizing. I felt I was looking into a lovers eyes.
It was very peaceful.***
"I read that the idea of Heaven and Hell comes from childbirth;
the separation from the womb out the birth canal.. Is there a Heaven
and Hell?" I asked the bunny.......+
The bunny shook his head vigorously: "Don't be ridiculous... Life is a
journey, enjoy what you can while you can."
With that statement the bunny hopped back into the tall grasses.
I continued to lie on my back: my bike beside me...... Easter is more
important to Christians, than Christmass. Easter is when Jesus became
an Easter Bunny.+

Peace be with you.***
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