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This item is about the incredible power that lies buried deep within all of us.
Did you know that approximately 95% of what can change the world or make your dreams come true lies buried deep within the human mind, and if we only spend a couple of minutes each day of our lives harnessing and tapping into this vast but hidden power, and tremendous reservoir, we would astound and surprise ourselves.

There are many grand examples of the subconscious mind being used throughout history to change the world for the better, achieve great accomplishments, and create many useful inventions, we have today, which we take for granted.

It is said that whatever a man can think, he has within him the ability to bring that into reality.

Oh such is the wonder of positive thought and positive thinking, which by themselves have revolutionized the world in which we live, and many self-help books have been written on this vast but deep profound subject.

But what I like about this incredible power that is buried deep within all of us is that is it not partial, it is not racist, and it does not discriminate against who it will choose to impart itself to.

Every human being that has ever lived on planet Earth and everyone that is living right now, and those that will be born in the future has this immense power that lies buried deep and dormant, and it only need be awakened for us to see the giant that lies waiting to be resurrected.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1179798-The-Power-Of-The-Subconscious-Mind