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My name is Lucifer...
Most of you know me. You may recall my adventures in the Garden of Eden and my futile attempts to recruit the earthly incarnation of YHWH, Jesus, to my ruthless group of the Damned. You have possibly heard of my influence in WWII with my hand on Hitler's shoulder. There was also an incident that sparked the murder of John F. Kennedy with my genius at the center of its plot. My ambition to oversee the destruction of the world is widely proclaimed from the pulpits of Saints and Popes. But I beg of you not to judge me so harshly. Most of what you understand about me is only mortal interpretation of things so complex that one who has a soul cannot understand. You point fingers and curse my name, yet do the very things that I am. I am adultery. I am the idols you worship. I am murder. I am homosexuality and lust. I am sin at it's very core. I am your nature. I am hypocritical. My affection is with YHWH, yet I continually mark myself as His enemy. I am fallen like you . Fallen from things that once made me satisfied and whole. Greed led me to my position by which I cannot ever turn back.

I did not say that my existance as I am is a mistake. Oh no, YHWH has plans for me. I am to be the black king on a chessboard who is a judge in the fate of all souls on earth. That gives my ego some sort of pleasure that other things do not.

My minions, as you call them, are only those lost beings that I have taken to my breast. I feel sorry for those demons because they are like me. There is never going to be mercy for them. Never. So I comfort them and cherish them as if they are my offspring. It is a misconception that demons are not loved by YHWH. He loves them dearly but punishes them ruthlessly because they have taken up residency in my name.

I posed as the angel Gabriel when Muhammed took it upon himself to create a new religion. In a cave, his arrogance to summon YHWH in a trance was rewarded only with a visit from me. I created a suitable story for him to believe, in which case he turned away from his old beliefs. I hear that, now, if a non-muslim is caught on the route to Mecca during the Holy Pilgrimage he or she is instantly killed. I find that the only thing that pleases me about death is the fact that it pains my YHWH so. He should realize the trouble he has caused by keeping me out of Heaven.

I've slinked, slithered, crawled, walked, and invaded the earth through various forms before human life was concieved. I have no real body and consequently no attatchment to your half-concieved ideas of my existence. When you meet me, you have no knowlege of my true nature. My job, given to me by YHWH, is to decieve you in any way I please. I am the infested water pulsing through an innocent child's blood in Zimbabwe. I am the raunchy and desirable curves of a lustful being. I am the irrational hatred that causes a man to be hung from a moss-drenched cyprus tree under the blistering Mississippi sun. I am the uranium minipulated for the use of nuclear weapons. I was Cain's jealousy. I was the mark on his decendants, forever branded by his sins.

I am all of these things, yet nothing at all. Do you think that YHWH figures me to be an enemy? I am the tumor in a young mother's brain, eating away at her senses. Without me, there is no pain- but without me, there would no quest for knowlege. There would be no chance to grow stronger. There would be no need to truely appriciate those you love. I am Yin and YHWH is Yang. I work separately from Him, yet through his divine plan I am ultimately on his payroll. This is YHWH's ultimate goal for me, disappointing child that I am. Together, we give you life. There will be no such thing for me, so you should feel lucky that YHWH loves you so much as to use me against you.

He will forgive you mortals for anything, but will never again beckon for me to come home. Perhaps it is because you challenge only His laws while I challenged Him as a leader. In my lust for power I sealed my fate for eternity.

I am the Angel of Hell.
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