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Very brief short story. Happy lovey story to off set The Blood of Faith and Faries.

“Hello”, she sad quietly but still was causing me to wince as if I were about to be punished. “Why are you slinking around my yard at this hour, it not safe for the mundane to walk in this hour. Too many creatures lurk around here.”

I laughed nervously, “Yeah lady I’m sure, the freaks always come out at night in the city.”

“Freaks? I see you mean the drunks, the rebels, and dregs of society.”

“Yes” I agreed, “and also the ones like you, who never go out except at night and go dancing under the pale moon light with the fucking pied piper!”

I instantly wished I had held my tongue expecting to be cursed or murdered in her wrath.

I heard a melody, a sound of pure mirth I realized it was no song it was her laughing.

“Your bold, many wouldn’t dare talk to me let alone ridicule me to my face! What is your name? Mine is Brye Mire though I’m sure you know me as the Demon of Drum Water Woods.

“Rye, Rye Thompson, Ms. Mire”

“I’m not a demon you know” she said in a hurried whisper, ”I just would rather them assume I’m evil than be part of there warped delusion of life.”

“How old are you anyways? The locals say your 408 but I don’t believe you could to be past 16.”

“Ah splendid more bold words, and your wrong. I look young then? How pleasant to know I am 18, you were off by two but you, you are 18 too am I right?”

I stare gaped mouth and stammered, “but how, how’d you know that?”

“Oh I’m magical she said simply as if she was saying she worked at a bank or went shopping yesterday.”

“Magical? Bullshit your just good at guessing ages.”

“Your right you caught me. I lied, but I am unique, she moved a section of her shortly cropped hair from in front of her eyes, “See my eyes? They’re weird huh? The glow in the moon, my silver eyes”

I looked at them and couldn’t stop myself. Compelled I said “ I don’t mind them there beautiful, I don’t mind what people will say either...”

My speech failed me as she walk till she was facing me a easy reach away from my suddenly sweating hands.

“I love you” I stammered and framed her face with my hands staring at her silver eyes.

Those eyes shimmered like liquid moon drops and I realized she was crying. It hurt me not in my heart but deeper, my soul ached I didn’t want to be the cause of her pain.

“Oh Rye, I’ve done it again haven’t I? My eyes, it’s like a trance I sorry I can’t control it.”

“Control what? You’ve done nothing”

“I have, I didn’t mean to, they draw out the lust in men I’m sorry so sorry Rye”

I watched in horror as she crumpled into a pile of limbs at my feet, sobbing.
I crouched and sat her up, wiping away on trail of moon tears.

“Lets go in, as you said it isn’t safe out here, Freaks” I said as I helped her to her feet and headed to the door.

She smiled at me and opened the door to her little cottage in the clearing of the woods. Wicked Witch’s Gingerbread House flashed in my mind but I walked in closing the door with a click and locking the bolt. Safe.

She lit a fire and handed me a mug of steaming tea identical to her own. And sat next to me in the clean simple yet comforting living room adjacent to the kitchen.

She sipped some tea and said, “Wouldn’t want you to catch cold it’s chi I promise.”

I sipped some tea, to hot; I burned my tongue and muttered, ”shit”

“Too hot? Oh sorry” she gave me a sad smile and brushed my hand softly.

Compelled I leaned forward quickly my arm around her back so she couldn’t draw away like I was sure she would. I kissed her deeply yet softly as if to say, “I love you and your mine now weather you like it or not.”

She didn’t draw back instead she leaned forward, her mouth yielding to mind as I plunged deeper into that blissful kiss.

She tasted of tea faintly and somehow sweetly too like pure, lustful honey. Bliss. When I got to drunk from that kiss to hold her there I let go. She snuggled next to me, warm placid and content. I heard and felt the mirthful laugh. It reverberated in my chest and I smiled.

In a lustful tone I said, “ love you my little silver eyed maiden and I will forever you are mine now, make me yours tonight, forever and I’ll never leave your side.”

She smiled and lead me into her bedroom slipping off her dress she helped me remove my shirt and my baggy jeans. And we laid together lovers, forever, in our own private world. We laughed each thinking, and knowing the other was thinking.

Those fools out there, they’ve lost a son. There boy is now a man and he chose to live with the silver-eyed sinner. The witch. The Demon of Drum Water Woods. We will never speak of him again. They are both silver-eyed sinners now.

And with that we made love, lustful passion forever ours between us. In the morning my eyes had likewise gone silver as the moons white light. Silver eyed sinners.

-Silver Eyed Sinners -
-By: Eros Mark-
- On 10-04-06 -

(thanks for reading that was my attempt at making a happy and romance type story. sorry it's so short i've been pressed for time anyways. thank you for reading. sugetions and comments are welcome. --Erosmark-- )

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