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fighting an eternal battle, demonstrate God's strength
Creator of all
Creature of night
Emerge from within
For it's your time to fight.

Fight for you
As others do
Pray for goodness
For it shines through.

Demonstrate strength
Of God's mighty creed
And challenge the evil
That each day you heed.

For it will not be simple
Or easy at all
But time is a healer
Over all evil's calls.

Hell is eternal
And professes its claim
You must fight hard
And there is no one to blame.

Illusions will trick you
And alter your state
But stand your ground
When you know your fate.

So on this journey
You must take
One occult head
And a whole lot of faith.

Don't give up
on yourself
Even if you must
Ask for some help.

For living here
Is better than hell
Which is where you've been living
But just couldn't tell.
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