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Sometimes life isn't all sunshine and rainbows.
Fake and falling,
with nothing to say.
Like the rain on my head,
it ruins the day.

A day already ruined,
by my own selfish pride.
But it's wet and I'm cold,
with nowhere to hide.

It can't be all my fault,
but you blame it all on me.
I can't go back and change the past.
It's all washed out to sea.

The clouds have covered up your faults.
Their eyes are blind to your mistakes.
They can't see them, but they're there.
Like the sound the thunder makes.

I hope you get your wish,
and the sun comes out tomorrow.
So you can bask in all your glory,
while I climb inside my sorrow.

The day is always over,
and I can't hide this pain.
And I know my head should enjoy the sun,
but my heart prefers the rain.
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