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Chole loves guys, but one night one guy goes to far.
" It's the most wonderful time of the year ", The christmas music blared from the stereo of Chloe and Rileys house. " Turn that shat down" exclaimed chloe. " how about no." replied Riley. " Screw You " Chloe said sarcastically, " No thanks, I only do that stuff on the weekends" Riley said with a smile on her face. This was not unusual of Chloe and Riley fighting, There sisters and you know the rest. " Don't we have to go to Alex and Mckenzies house today " said Chloe. " duh you idiot, we have to go now" Riley replied.

" Fine lets go, I'm driving"

" I do want to live"


" Whatever chloe"

" Yeah. "

Chloe jumped in the car and drove down to there friends Mckenzie and her brother Alex. They we're really close friends, and everybody was meeting over at there house for a little get together......scratch that a BIG party. Chloe arrived at Mckenzies house and parked the car in the street. " ready riley" monotony chloe said. " Yes sister I'm ready, but I better not catch you having sex" Riley replied laughing.

" Ha.Very funny, get outta the car"

" Yes Mam' "

They both get out of the car and walk their way to the door. Chloe saw all her friends that where there, including her best friend Brooke. " BROOKIE" exclaimed Chloe. " CHLOE" They ran and gave each other a big hug. " so any cute guys here " chloe cocks her eyebrow. " OH you better believe it chloe"

" Who do you got your eye on? "

" Him " she pointed to Mckenzies brother.

" Whoa, you know thats Mckenzies brother right"

" No way. "

" Yes it is "

" Well he grew up nice "

Chole rolls her eyes. " I'll see you later and good luck with Alex"

Chloe walks over to Mckenzie to say hello.

" Hey Girl " Mckenzie said.

" Hey Hey. "

" Having fun"

" not yet "

" oh well see that guy over there you should get him..." she smiled.

" who is that, he is cute "

" I'm not sure, but you should go see "

" Will do " Chloe walks over to see who that mystery guy is.


Chloe walks up to him with confidence and says " Why hello my name is Chloe and who might you be "

He puts a smile on his face " I'm Chase and very nice to meet you "

" What a wonderful name, I love it "

" Thank you "

" So are you one of Alex's friends"

Shaking he says " uhhhh yes "

Feeling confused, the music started playing.

Chase put a smile on his face and said " Miss Chloe would you have this dance with me " as he put out his hand. Chloe blushed and took his hand. As she listened to the words she knew he was something special.

When I see your smile

Tears roll down my face I can't replace

And now that I'm strong I have figured out

How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul

And I know Ill find deep inside me, I can be the one

I will never let you fall I'll stand up with you forever

Ill be there for you through it all

Even if saving you sends me to heaven

Its ok, Its ok, Its ok Seasons are changing and waves are crashing And stars are falling all for us

Days grow longer and nights grow shorter I can show you I'll be the one

I will never let you fall I'll stand up with you forever

I'll be there for you through it all Even if saving you sends me to heaven

As the song ended he smiled as well as chloe. " Thank you for dancing with me Chloe " He said. " Well I'm glad you asked me" she said as her heart fluttered she new that she liked him and he saw that too. " Chloe would you be mad if I kissed you " he said softly. She smiled and gave him the A-Okay nod. He leaned in softly and pecked her on the lips, but in his mind he new he wanted more. She kissed back in smiled, all of a sudden he was pushing her to the bedroom and holding on the her.

" LET ME GO " Chloe mumbled because his had was over her mouth.

" I thought you liked me" Still pushing her to the bedroom replied Chase.

" Well I do, We can't move this fast "

" Oh yes, well I can " He shoved her in the bedroom and ripped off her shirt.

" STOP" she bit his hand and let out a high pitched scream.

Alex,Riley and Mckenzie heard this, Alex was the first in the room. " What the hell is this" as he saw him ontop of her. " Alex" She said with tears in her ears. " Oh hell no, whoever the fuck you are YOU do not do this to one of my friends " He said furious and punched Chase and he fell to the floor. " She asked me to do this " Chase said as he held his cheek. Chloe crying ran and hugged Alex.

Riley and Mckenzie ran into the room.

" Chloe " they both said monotony

Chloe nodding, still crying and hugging Alex. " he tried to rape mmmee"

" Oh jesus" said Riley glaring at Chase."Now why would u do this to anyone. let along my big sister. there's no telling what kind of rash you would get anyways" "

Chloe glares at Riley but she knows she means well.

" GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE BEFORE I CALL THE COPS" Mckenzie yelled as she grabbed the phone.

" YYY- Yes Mam' " replied Chase. As chase headed to the door he mouthed at Chloe " Oh I will be back " . Chloe burst into tears and Chase left.


" Are you okay Chloe " Riley said as she hugged her older sister. Still upset she said " Yes,I hope I'll be okay...".

" If he ever tries to hurt you Chloe I will beat his ass" Said Alex.

" Me to" Mckenzie chimed in.

" Me three" Riley said.

" Thank you guys, I'm so lucky to have good friends like you." she paused and smiled " whatever happened to Brooke"

Alex laughed " Well she was trying to flirt with me, you should tell her she needs lessons. but she said something about sales and shoes"

Chloe laughed slightly " oh "

" wanna go home chloe " Riley said caring.

Chloe nods and smiles.

" It's going to be okay Chloe" Mckenzie said and gave her hug.

" Don't worry about that creep" Alex also gave Chloe a hug.

" Thanks " replied chloe and her and Riley walked out the door.

" When we get home you know I'm making you watch IT" Chloe said laughing.

" HELL-O Kitty no" Riley replied.

" Yeah Yeah" She laughed, she new if things where going bad Riley could make a good situations out of a bad one. She really did love her sister and Chase...


Chloe and Riley arrive home, Chloe is still shaken up badly. " Hobag don't worry about it" Riley said trying to make Chloe feel better. " I can't he tried to rape me Riley".

" I know, I know but gee he didn't actually rape you though"

" But Still "

" Sure " Riley grabbed ham out of the fridge and put it infront of her face.



Chloe couldn't help but laugh at her crazy sister. " See I knew I could make you smile " Riley said. " Yes I know I love you sister" Chloe said as she gave her a hug. " Well I'm going to go to bed, Night Riley" Chloe said while yawning. " Night" said Riley as she plopped down on the couch to watch tv.


The next morning Chloe wakes up the smell of bacon. " What the hell " Chloe thinks to herself as she slowly gets out of bed and walks into the kitchen. " wwhat" She says as she stops in her tracts to find some guy and her sister Riley sharing a kiss. " WHAT THE HELL RILEY YOUR ONLY 15 YEARS OLD WHO IS THAT" Riley jerked back and looked at her sister. " uhmm, thanks greg for curing my hiccups! " she gave a sweet innocent smile. " you better get going GREG " Chloe snapped and Greg left. As soon as she did you could smell burnt bacon. " Well gee thanks chloe for ruining my fun and the bacon i cooked you " Riley said. " Well Riley I don't want you pregnant when your 15". " Yeah sure". They sit down and drink some coffee.

" So whats the plans for today Chloe"?

" Mall with Alex,Mckenzie,Brookie and you "

" Fun Fun Fun."

" I know right "

About two hours later the group of friends arrive at the mall. " Where to first, I here the shoe place is having a HUGE sale" exclaimed Brooke. " NO SHOES BROOKE NO SHOES" snapped Mckenzie. Brooke sighed and said " fine" . " Well before we do anything I seriously have to use the bathroom" Chloe said. Alex laughed and smiled at her " Hurry Hurry". Chloe hurried to the bathroom, just about as she was getting ready to walk out someone pulled her and covered her mouth with tape. With fear in her eyes she saw that it was Chase." CHASE NO PLEASE STOP " She tried to say but she just getting get her words out with the tape over her mouth." Oh honey I've been waiting forever for this" he smirked and raped her.Chloe crying, Chase removed the tape and ran out the door.


" Where is that girl at " Alex said with a worried look on her face. Everybody was worried it had been 15 mins. " Lets go check" said Mckenzie. " yeah " everybody replied. Chloe laid on the cold bathroom floor sobbing, they all run in. " Chloee..." Riley frighten said. As Alex bent down beside her he said " What happened Chloe What happened " he ran his fingers through her hair to calm her down." cc-cchase raped me " she said shaking. " Oh no" Mckenzie bent down and grabbed a hold of her hand." It will be okay Chloe, It will" Said Brooke reassuringly. Riley furious had not said much, she knew she was going to find him and kill him. Chloe crying very upset " I can't believe this happened to me". Alex helps chloe up and reaches for her hand and for his surprise Chloe takes it. " Thanks Alex " she said between tears. " lets just take you home" Smiled Alex. Chloe nods and they go home.

They all go home and Alex carries Chloe to her bed. " Thank you Alex " Chloe said

" Anything for you "

" Your such a good person Alex "

Alex smiled and looked into her eyes.

" No matter what happens I'm here for you Chloe, I will never let Chase hurt you. I'm here Chloe I'm here " As Alex said that he put his hand behind Chloes long Brown hair and kissed her softly not knowing she would kiss back. He pulled back and smiled " Good night Chloe, It will be okay". " Thank you Alex " Chloe laid down in her bed and fell asleep"


Chloe woke up the next morning not to find her sister Riley there. Chloe still shaken up just figured she was out getting breakfast or something. The phone rung and Chloe picked it up.

" Hello"

" Hey Chloe "

" Alex is that you" A smile came across her face.

" Yes it is " he chuckled.

" Well what do I owe the pleasure to"

" I just wanted to make sure you where alright "

" Thanks I'm fine, Rileys not here though.."

" Don't worry about her she's probley some where with her friend"

" Yeah your probley right. "


As Riley walked through the town, she was on a mission to find Chase even if it took all night. She had been searching for at least three hours and still nothing. " I got to find him " Riley said to herself and just as she thought it she spotted him walking to his car at a onestop. Riley slowly grabs the gun out of her back pocket and sneaks up behind him. " It's time to get what you deserve you son of a biscuit eater " She pointed the gun to his head and tighted up on the trigger. Chase stood there motionless. " This is what you get for raping my sister " she tightened up her grip and pulled the trigger. Chase dropped down and laid there dead. The thing Riley didn't know was the cops was called on her.


" that kiss last night...did you feel what i felt " Alex said.

" Yes Alex I did."

" Yeah, Would you like to go out on a date sometime"

" Yeah! That would be awesome. Your awesome Alex

Then chloe got a beep.

" Hold on Alex I have a beep " .

- ------

" Hello "

" Hello is this Riley McQueens Sister " .

" Yes it is " .

" Well I'm Officer Daves and your sister has been arrested for manslaughter ".


" I think his name was Chase..."

Chloe dropped the phone and set there and cried untill she decided to put Alex back on.

" Alex " She said crying.

" Chloe whats wrong "

" Rileys in jail ..."

" For what " Alex said concerned.

" Killing Chase..." she started to sob harder.

" Stay there Chloe I'm coming over"

Alex hung up the phone and made his way to Chloe's house. " Chloe do you want to go see Riley " he said rubbing her back for comfort. " Yes Alex.". " Okay then". They go and see Riley. Riley stares at her sister with no expressions on her face. Chloe looks at her " Riley ". Riley doesn't respond. "Alex can i have a few seconds alone with my sister please"? " Yeah " Alex Walks out.

" I'm sorry Chloe I'm so sorry."

" Shh Riley, It's going to be okay, You did it for me you can't get in that much trouble he raped me."

" C-C-Can you get me out of here, these people kinda stink" Riley said looking around her.

" I'll see what I can do ". Chloe slowly grabbed a hold of Rileys hand.

" Thank you " Riley said quietly and Chloe got up and went to see Alex. As she was walking she saw Alex in his Tommy Hilfigure blue polo and is sandy blonde hair blowing in the wind he was so gorgeous. " SNAP OUT OF IT CHLOE, your sister is in jail" Chloe said to herself. Alex saw her coming and ran to her " Is everything okay" he said concern. Chloe nods " Yeah, I can tell she doesn't like this place".

" Who would "?

" Can we get her out"?

" I don't know we can ask though, common chloe".

He offered his hand and she took. They walked over to the officer desk and it turned out that they could get her out for 50,000 bond. " Alex I don't have that kind of money " Chloe said as a tear fell down her face. " We'll get it Chloe, we'll figure out how to get it". " How" Chloe replied as she looked at him teary eyed. " I don't know but I'll figure it to out " He said as he wiped her tears away, they got up and left.


A couple of days later all they had was 10,000. " Alex we can't come up with all this money we just can't " Chloe set down and put her head in her hands. " Don't say we can't Chloe, I know we can " he bent down beside her and moved he hands. Chloe stared at his gorgeous blue eyes. " Just trust me Chloe " As he said that he leaned in for a kiss. They kissed for who knows how long until Mckenzie walked in. " WHOA, ALEX, CHLOE" Mckenzies voiced trailed. Alex and Chloe jerked back. " Well Isn't it my wonderful sister to ruin any moment " Alex said sarcastically. " Ha. I take that as a compliment, anywho I got 40,000 FROM DAD ". " OH MY GOD MCKENZIE I LOVE YOU " Chloe said as she gave Mckenzie a big hug. " I know I know you love me who wouldn't?" Mckenzie said playfully. " Well Mckenzie I do have to say I'm proud of you for once in my life " Alex said. " why thank you brother " Mckenzie replied as they all got in a group hug formation.

" oh god " Chloe said as she ran to the bathroom to throw up. Alex looked at his sister " whats wrong with her she's been acting all sick for the last couple days". Mckenzie looked at him and gulped " I hope its not what I think it is". Alex looked at Mckenzie " You mean she's pregnant"? Mckenzie nodded" I just hope not". Chloe came out of the bathroom, Alex and Mckenzie starred at her. " You okay " Alex said. Chloe nodded " I haven't been feeling well for couple of days and I'm late.." her voice broke as she said that. " Oh no " Mckenzie said quietly. Alex knew It had to be Chases " Chloe I'm here for you " he ran and hugged her. " Me to Chlo" Mckenzie also ran and hugged her. " I just hope I'm not pregnant, I can't be...I just can't".

Alex and Chloe went and bailed Riley out of jail. " Whew, it is good to be out of that place, It smelt like sweaty football players" She said but nobody laughed. "Whats wrong "Riley said concernedly. Chloe looked at Alex and grabbed a hold of his hand. " Riley, Chloe thanks she pregnant with Chases baby" Alex said as Chloe tighted her grip on his hand. " Oh my god Chloe, It'll be okay". Chloe nodded and Alex said " We're heading over to the doctors today". Riley knew she was going to help her out of this mess.

It was a long,slow drive to the doctors office. They slowly walked in motionless. The doctors office had the musty smell of sick people. Chloe was scared to death, she signed in and waited forever. Finally a heavy set nurse said " Chloe McQueen". Chloe slowly got up, looked at Alex then at Riley. She knew they would be there for her. As she went back into the office they did numorous blood test to see if she was pregnant. Outside in the waiting room it was a awkward silent wait. Alex fumbling with his hands and Riley starred out the window worried. Chloe got the results she ran out and jumped into Alex's arms. " I'm not pregnant " she exclaimed and wrapped her handa around Alex's neck. " That is great!" Alex said as he hugged her. Riley just starred at them two, she knew her sister has found somebody better and did'nt need her anymore, Riley slowly walked out the door. Chloe looked at Alex and he shruged. " RILEY WAIT " yelled Chloe

Riley turned around hastily " WHAT " .

" Where are you going"?

" Away, It looks like you don't need me anymore all you need is Alex" .

" That is not true Riley, Your my sister I love you so much " Chloe smiled as she said that .

Riley smiled also " Thanks Chloe " and gave her a hug.

" Best friends and sisters forever " Chloe said.

" I could'nt of said it any better " Riley replied.

Alex new it was safe for him to come out and they left and told everybody the wonderful news.


The next day Alex took Chloe out on a date to her favorite italian restraunt Theo's, it was a surprise.

" Cover your eyes Chloe, No peaking I can see you" !

" PLEASEEEEE "? whined Chloe " Your so mean"!

" All you do is complain " Alex replied playfully.

" Okay you can open your eyes "

Chloe slowly unconvered her eyes " Oh my god Alex " she smiled. " How did you know this was my favorite restruant "?

" You told me " He smiled and opened the door for her.

" Thank you Alex, this is what I needed " She smiled at him and they got seated and ordered.

" Your oh so welcome, anyways I bought you something " he handed her a medium sized box wrapped in golden paper.

" You should'nt have. " She slowly unwrapped the medium golden box and their lied a sterling silver necklace and there was a note that said would you be my girlfriend, if i ask you twice and beg you pretty please?

She looked up at Alex " yes " she nodded. Alex smiled and said " Im glad you said yes ". " Well I'm glad you asked me, I've liked you for a long time " she stared into his deep blue eyes. Alex smiled :" thank you, you have gorgeous eyes yourself " . That night she felt so good about herself, she went home and ended the date with a perfect midnight kiss. Everything was going her way, nothing to worry about, no stress, she was very satisfied with her life. She loved Alex with all her heart she also loved her wonderful sister Riley...well she did.
Two months later her and Alex was happy as ever. He loved her and she loved him. He was such a sweet boy,caring,loving and nutering but she didn't know the otherside to her one and only Alex.

Alex really had a bad boy side to himself. He was at Rileys and Chloes house like he always was. " CHLOE we're out of MILK and I want some FRUIT LOOPS GO GET SOME MILK". Riley yelled from the kitchen. " NOT NOW " Alex and Chloe where in the middle of making out. " PLEASEEE ". " fine" Alex I'll be back give me 5 mins". he laughed " okay ". Chloe left to go get some milk while Alex and Riley stayed together

Alex walked into the kitchen " Hey Riles ". Riley looked at him funny " Hey guy who bangs my sister on the weekends:". Alex stepped closer to her " You love your sister right"? " Well considering she's my sister I'm forced to love her" Riley laughed. Alex moved a step closer to Riley " you would'nt want anything bad to happen to her would you"? She looked up at Alex because he has never acted this way before " No I would'nt want anything bad to happen to her". " Well you have to go to bed with me and if you don't I WILL hurt you". Riley lauged " Ahh Alex you almost had me". Alex looked at her and grabbed her throat " I'm not kidding I will hurt your sister".

Chloe came back from the store twenty minutes later. " ALEX,RILEY where are you" she called out but no answer came. She saw that her bedroom door was closed it was never closed. She slowly turned the doorknob to open the door and there stood Riley and Alex in bed. Chloe stood there upset crying " what the hell is this" ? Chloe screamed. " uhh Its not what.." Riley tried to say but Alex had a death grip on her wrist. " I can't belive you would do something like this to me, I'm leaving for good". Chloe sobbed while she was packing all her possesions ups. She ran out of that house she was NEVER coming back.
END of the first story I'm writing another one about Chloe and her life without her sister..stay tuned. =]
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