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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Detective · #1182875
For all the Law and Order: SVU fans.
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Version Two, Episode One, Season One
(Pilot Episode)
Kacy Gallo walked into the Special Victims Unit Squad room one summer morning dressed in khaki pants, and a tank top. She went to the door that had Captain Donald Cragen printed on it. She knocked and waited for an answer. It came as a groggy come in.
She walked into a older man looking over some paperwork. ”Hello,” she said as he put the file down.
“Kacy Gallo right? I’m Captain Cragen pleasure to have you,” he said
“Thanks,” she said politely
“Would you like a tour?” he asked
“Yeah that’d probably be helpful,” she said as he lead her out.
He took her out and showed her the lobby upstairs, the crib, the children’s interview room, and all the other interview rooms. Then the detectives started to come in.
First it was Munch who showed Kacy his true colors when he started to talk about a government conspiracy at Starbucks. Thankfully Olivia walked in reading the New York Ledger to stop him from rambling on about every coffee shop in Manhattan. She wasn’t paying attention to them because she was into her article. ”Liv,” Cragen interrupted her. She looked up and Kacy immediately recognized her.
“Olivia?” she asked
“Kacy?” Olivia said obviously surprised, “What are you doing here?”
They hugged as a stunned look crossed Cragen’s face. “You two mind filling me in?”
“Kacy was my best friend in High School. I knew her since I was three. Then she moved to California and we lost touch.” Olivia explained.
“Oh well then you can take care of the introductions.” Cragen told Olivia.
“Alright,” Olivia said as he walked off, “So what have you been up to?”
“Well I was in the LAPD Sex Crimes and my husband, Jason, is a manger of Sony Productions and his boss switched him over to this store so we moved.”
“Oh wow, they must pay him really good.”
Kacy smiled, ”Yeah,” she said obviously happy about it, “How about you?”
“Still single, putting the perps in jail.” Olivia said
“How’s your mom?” Kacy said in a hushed tone.
“She died two years ago.”
“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry. What happened.”
“She was drunk and she fell down some subway stairs.” Olivia explained
Elliot came in carrying four coffees. Munch started to again ramble on about the conspiracy theory with coffee.
“Well since he is boycotting coffee. Here…” he said handing her one.
“Oh he’s my new favorite person.”
“New girl I presume?” Elliot asked
“Yeah this is Kacy Gallo the new detective and an old acquaintance of mine.”
“Mmm how so?” Elliot said interested.
“We were friends in High School.” Olivia explained
“So where you from?” he asked
“LAPD Special Victims 23rd precinct,” Kacy informed him
“Good they didn’t give us a rookie.” he mentioned
“Yeah,” Kacy said as Elliot walked off.
“Elliot your partner?” Kacy asked
“No we got a rookie to sex crimes last month when I went on a undercover assignment. She is going to stay therefore she needs a partner so Cragen gave her to Elliot and I get you.”
“Awesome, this is going to be just like old times only fighting crime not doing it.”
Olivia smiled a little. Then Cragen came back out of his office and walked up to them.
“You two ready for your first case together?” he asked
“Heck yes,” Kacy answered
“Alright a mother says she just found a camera in her daughter’s bathroom in the ceiling fan. They just moved in luckily the daughter noticed that the vent always makes a noise when she comes in and if she moves to the other side of the room. So really the daughter found it.”
“We’re on it,” Olivia said walking off.
They walked up the walkway and up the porch to the townhouse. Crime Scene Investigators walked into the open doorway so they followed suit. They walked up to the woman who owned the house. She looked very uneasy.
“Hello, I’m Detective Benson and this is my partner Detective Gallo, can you tell me what happened?”
“Well Michaela wanted to take a bath in my shower because she thought that it was a mouse or something. So we went to check on it and I was going to show her that it wasn’t an mouse and it turned up to be a camera. Thank god she didn’t change in front of it.”
“Yeah who are you renting from?” Kacy asked, “Do you know his name?”
“Her name is Katrina Valdequest.”
“Okay does she have a husband?” Olivia asked
“Well I don’t know she lives in the Bronx and we just emailed.”
“Okay thanks,” Olivia said walking off and heading for a Crime Scene Investigator, “Hey find anything else?”
“Well the guy had a hidden internet modem in the attic.” he said, “He had it on an internet site but I think he put a password though so only he saw.”
“Well where was the computer?” Kacy asked
“It was a little back farther in the vent.”
“What condition was it in and what brand?”
“It’s new and it’s a Dell.”
“Alright most likely he is using the same computer to do both.” Kacy commented
“Did you spend some time in computer crimes?” Olivia asked
“Yeah I was there for six months.”
“Oh cool so did I but only for a couple weeks.” Olivia said walking off.
They walked up to the house of Katrina and Jerry Valdequest. Olivia pounded abruptly on the door. The door swung open and a young woman stood there.
“Hello we’re Detectives Gallo and Benson can we ask you a couple questions?” Kacy asked
“Are you here about my husband do you know where he went?” she asked
“He left?” Olivia asked
“Yeah half of his things are missing and he just left.”
“Did he take his laptop?” Kacy asked
“Yeah he takes his laptop with him everywhere though.” Katrina replied
“How many houses are you renting out?” Olivia asked
“Five we’re investors.” she replied
“We need those five addresses and phone numbers right now!” Kacy said
The woman disappeared into the house leaving the door wide open so the detectives went in. They found her in the office rummaging through papers. She handed them five pieces of paper. Olivia handed Kacy two papers as Kacy got out her phone.
“Call Cragen have them get CSU to the houses and we’ll get the one in Queens.” Olivia instructed heading for the door Kacy not far behind.
Kacy got up to the door and knocked. Olivia was on the sidewalk talking to Elliot still. A teenager about seventeen answered the door.
“Hi, Detective Gallo, Special Victims, is anyone using the bathroom right now?” Kacy said flashing her badge.
The boy gave her a questioning face then asked, “Excuse me?”
“Kid answer the question!”
“My sister is,” he answered
“How old is your sister?” Kacy asked
“She’s fifteen, why are you here?”
“We need to get her out of there now. Someone could be watching her.” Kacy said walking into the house to the bathroom. She knocked on the door, “What’s her name?”
“Ashley,” he answered
“Ashley my name Kacy Gallo, I’m a cop. I need you to come out right now.”
The sound of the shower diminished and pretty soon the door opened and a girl in a towel was standing there. “What the hell is a cop doing interrupting me taking a shower?!” she asked a little pissed.
Kacy went around her and looked up. She spotted the vent and got up on the toilet to get it as Olivia stood in the doorway with the kids. Kacy pulled the vent down and grabbed a little webcam out of there too.
“Oh my god!” the girl said as a tear trickled down her face. She ran upstairs and they all heard the door slam.
“I’ll get her.” Olivia said starting up the stairs.
Olivia and Kacy stood in front of the CSU specialist in computers. He was typing away on the computer trying to figure out where his last location was when he signed into the site.
“He’s definitely skipping town. Let me see about his last net locations.” he said tapping away some more. After a few seconds he had a net location. “He booked a flight to Canada. Leaves in two hours”
‘And to think I thought he wasn’t stupid enough to do that.”
Olivia walked into a phone booth and acted like she was using the phone while Kacy acted like she was standing in line for a computer. Elliot, Danny, and Cragen were all acting like they were doing something at different parts of the airport. Kacy put her wrist up to her face and talked into the little electronic device hooked to her bracelet. “No sign of him yet,” she said surveying the scene again.
A voice came into her ear that sounded like Cragen’s, “Just walked in headed your guys way Liv and Kacy.”
Kacy walked over to a waiting area and grabbed a newspaper. She acted like she was reading it, looking up every now and then. He neared where she was reading it and passed by her and sat down. “Where are you headed to?”
“LA, you?”
“Oh wish I was heading there you are hot.“ She stood up and said, “You are barking up the wrong tree. Stand up.”
“Excuse me?” he said standing up, “No women talk to me like that and get away with it.”
She slapped cuffs on his wrist, “I just did,” she said turning him around and fastening the other one.
“Nice job Kacy.” Olivia said walking up.
“Jerry Valdequest, you are under arrest you have the right to remain silent you have the right to an attorney, if you can’t afford…”she said walking off
“I know my rights bitch.” he said interrupting them
Elliot came up and took him from her. “You okay you don’t look too good.”
“It’s nothing,” she said, “Go ahead.”
He walked off with him and Olivia pursued what he left. “Yeah you sure, he’s right you look a little sick.”
“I’m just dizzy like I said it’s probably nothing.” Kacy said right before she fainted.
She hit the ground with a thud as Olivia said, “ Call 911.” Cragen and Danny rushed over to Kacy.
“What the hell happened?” Cragen asked flustered
“She didn’t look so good and she said she was dizzy then she fainted.”
They all stood in the emergency room waiting for an answer. Cragen was calling the office to see about her information. He got some and called her husband and her father. Her husband arrived first. He looked around clueless then saw them. He rushed over.
“Is she okay do they know yet.“
“No they don’t,” Olivia said, “So while we’re all waiting tell us about yourself.”
“Okay, my name is Jason Gallo. I married Kacy about three years ago.”
“Where’d you meet?” Olivia asked
“Well one day she came into the store and demanded she talk to the manager, which is me. She was investigating one of my employees he wasn’t the guilty so she came in to apologize for calling me an ‘idiot who doesn’t know his employees’ and I asked her out.” he explained.
A man walked up, “Jason where’s Kacy he said out of breath.”
“In surgery, I think, did you run here from work?”
“Nope took a bus and then ran here.”
The doctor came out. The whole group rushed towards him.
“How is she?” Jason asked
“Who’s her significant other?”
Jason stepped forward, “I’m her husband,” he said
“Mr. Gallo did you know that your wife is pregnant?”
A little gasp hushed the little group. Then Jason broke the silence, Oh my god she’s finally pregnant?” he asked happily, “How is she? Is the baby okay?”

“They are both fine they just had a slight complication the baby was taking too much blood.”
“Is she awake? Do you think she knew?” Jason said firing questions.
“No she isn’t, I don’t think she knew either she is two weeks along and it’s only two weeks into this month.” the doctor informed them
“Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to tell her.” he said
“Jason calm down she isn’t even awake yet. Doc, when do you think she’ll be awake?” Micheal asked
“In a few minutes if your lucky, if not about an hour.”
They found out the room and went to it. She was asleep still. Jason went and held her hand. He put a hand on her stomach and she started to stir.”
“Micheal,” Olivia said mentioning for her father to come over to her, “How long have they been trying?”
“Two years,” Micheal replied, “Her biological clock was ticking.”
“Mmm,” Kacy groaned waking up. Her eyes opened and they showed a moment of questioning. “What happened? Why did I faint?”
“Honey your pregnant,” Jason said smiling at her
A smile crossed her face. “Well what happened is the baby okay?”
“Yeah it just took too much blood.” he told her, “They fixed it.”
“Good,” she said, “I guess you guys will need someone during my maternity leave.”
“Oh I’m sure we’ll deal,” Olivia said
“Yeah congratulations,” Elliot said
“Yeah what he said,” Micheal said
“When do I get out of here?” Kacy asked, “I hate hospitals.”
“I’ll go find out,” Jason said walking out.
“Thanks,” Kacy said to him as he was walking out.
Kacy put her hands on her stomach and said, “I can’t believe there is a baby in there.”
Micheal’s cell phone rang.
“Daddy your not supposed to have that on in the hospital.”
“Daddy? Last time I was with you called him a bastard.”
“Excuse me? You called me a bastard.”
“I-I was kidding,” Kacy replied
“You are such a bad liar.” Micheal said flipping open his phone, “Hello….Peyton slow down she’s fine….she just had a little bit of complications with your grandchild…..yea they are both fine….I know me too…..Okay I’ll see you tomorrow….love you too.”
“She’s coming home early?” Kacy asked
“Yeah she said her grandchild is much more important than her work.”
“The grandchild that is fine in my stomach?” Kacy asked
“Honey she needs to be here. She has been waiting for this so long.”
“Not my fault my husband is infertile. Not that I don’t want her here but isn’t that a 1.5 million dollar deal?”
“Yeah so? It’s your mother she pulls strings.”
“Babe,” Jason said putting his head around the corner, “You can be released now with release forms.”
“Alright where are they?”
“I’m filling them out,” he said disappearing
“I love that man,” Kacy mentioned, “You guys don’t have to stay here if you don’t want to.”
“Well we should get back,” Cragen said
“Yeah,’ Olivia said, “Call me if you need me,”
“Dad and Jason can take care of it all.”
“Micheal call me if she needs me,” Olivia said
Micheal smiled knowing too well how his daughter could be, she only asks if she necessarily has to.
“I can’t believe you called me a bastard."

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