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Short story about a Princess and her Knight on Christmas Eve.
1765 Kensington, England

It was the day before Christmas. Princess Angelique sat on her large red velvet, winged tip back chair with her Irish Wolfhounds, one on each side of her. Silver and Treumont. She loved her big beautiful, big grey and black dogs. Her Knight Nigel always told her that the dogs were ugly but he would laugh. He didn't mean it. He loved the dogs and her, too. They were going to be wed on New Year's Day. Angelique smiled as she tossed back her long blonde hair. She loved Nigel with all her heart and he was the head General of the Knights. He had achieved this honor as well as her hand in marriage. The Princess looked around her apartments which were acres away from the main castle. The apartments were part of the castle but she liked being away from her parents. She enjoyed her privacy. She had her own maids and guards. The fire felt so warmth coming from out of the fireplace. The tree was all decorated with homemade ornaments made out of ginger, clay, twigs, acorns and bread dough. Small candles lite up the tree but Angelique always made sure the candles0 were snuffed out before she left the apartments or went to bed. Just then Frieda, her house maid entered the room and bowed. Silver and Treumont growled but wagged their tails when they saw who it was.

"Yes, Frieda. What is it?"

"General Nigel is here." The petite maid said with a blushing smile.

Angelique smiled. "Show him in, Frieda."

"Yes, Princess." Frieda bowed and left.

Nigel entered the room and grabbed Angelique and gently but passionately kissed her. He was a big man but just the right size with long dark hair and brown eyes. He was without a doubt very handsome as Angelique was beautiful. Nigel thought she was an angel. Angelique considered herself the luckiest woman in the world.

Nigel released her but had a sad look on his face. Angelique looked concerned. "Nigel, Darling? What is wrong?"

Nigel sighed. "The Bellemonts are coming in to attack Kensington. Your father says the men and I must leave at once to prevent them from coming here. They are in Bath and we are going to attack them there." {The Bellemonts were Vikings and Irish men who had joined forces and wanted to take over England. They were evil and they had to be stopped.}

"Nigel, you and the men can't leave. It will be Christmas Eve in a few hours after the sun goes down. Can't it wait until after Christmas?"

"My beautiful Princess. I love you so much but the Bellemonts won't wait for Christmas. They would love to destroy Kensington especially this Kingdom. I won't let any harm come to you. I love you and this land too much for that. We have to leave in a few hours. I promise to keep you safe and this land I love. I will return. I promise. My men and I don't fear the Bellemonts. We will come out the winners. Victory is ours!"

This is what Angelique loved about Nigel. She was scared. Nigel wouldn't admit it to himself or her but he was scared, too. He kissed her again, longer this time. He released her and Angelique said: "Nigel, I love you. I want you to be careful. You will be the father of my children one day soon." Nigel nodded as he kissed her cheek and held her again. "I love you, too. I shall return. The Almighty God will watch over us. I will return."

Angelique said a prayer as he left and he patted the dogs on the head. Angelique had never been so scared in her life. She cried as Nigel wiped the tears away and kissed her forehead. A Knight going into battle. Angelique prayed for a miracle.

It started to snow as the Knights were leaving. Angelique watched them leave. She loved snow but this was a bad night for snow and it suddenly started to get cold. Angelique pulled her cloak around her. It was one Nigel had made for her. A beautiful purple cloak. Angelique's mother Queen Regina came up to Angelique and kissed her cheek. "He will be make it back alive. You will see." Angelique nodded.

Angelique didn't fall asleep until 1AM. She was awakened by her maid Frieda. "Frieda. What is it?"

"My lady. The Messenger sent a message that the battle was brutal and it doesn't look like our soldiers survived. I am so sorry, Princess."

"You may go, Frieda. Get out!" Angelique yelled and cried as the dogs came to her side and she hugged them and cried into their fur.

Angelique stayed in her apartments all day, the next day and refused to eat or talk to her parents. Would the Bellemonts being taken her and her family prisoners? Had they survived? She really didn't care. She had thrown Frieda out several times that day. She had thrown a candle at her father when he had entered the room. Angelique had never behaved liked this. Regina came in and hugged Angelique but the Princess didn't respond. No one could comfort her.

It was dark and Christmas was would soon be over. It hadn't been a Merry Christmas. Snow was all over the ground and Angelique looked up at the moon in the sky. The pine trees had a glow about them. Just then Angelique saw a big dog. Her Wolfhounds were in her room. Whose dog was that? It was smaller then her dogs but it was gray and beautiful. Just then she saw a man walking with the wolf. Oh no! It was NIGEL! HE WAS ALIVE! Angelique ran out into the night and down the castle steps into Nigel's arms. She was crying and she said: "Nigel, a Messenger said you and all the knights were dead. You are here. You are alive. Please tell me you aren't a ghost!"

Nigel kissed Angelique. "It's me. I am not a ghost. I love you and we did defeat the Bellemonts. Several of the knights are dead but this magnificent wolf here scared off the Bellemonts and saved my life as well as the other men who survived. Meet Orpheius. My new friend." The wolf whined as Angelique petted him and hugged him. She was so happy. A Christmas miracle had happened.

Nigel and Angelique entered the castle as her parents came up to them and she hugged her parents. Her father King Jamison hugged Nigel and all is well at the castle. Orpheius made friends with Silver and Treumont. Angelique had never seen a wolf before but it didn't matter. She welcomed him as her new pet.

Angelique and Nigel were married New Years Day as scheduled. They were so in love and so happy. Twin babies were born the following Christmas Eve. A boy and a girl. Nigel the second and Regina. A perfect end to a good story here I think. Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Beautiful image of a Medieval couple at Christmas by Kris.
Neat picture of a wolf in the pines by Kris.
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