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Chloe is on her way to get away from her sister and cheating boyfriend.
She threw the bags in the back of her bright white two door honda civic, she cranked the car and sped off like their was no tomorrow. She hated her sister,she hated Alex, she needed to get away from all the mess. Speeding way over the speed limit Chloe turned up the radio and it was ironic about the words of the song.

The world's got a funny way of turning 'round on you
When a friend tries to stab you right in the face
Losing faith in everything I thought I hoped I knew
Don't sweat it, set off false pretense

Betray, you're not gonna be willing to change
Yeah, and it doesn't seem likely to fade
Betray, you're not gonna be willing to change
Ca-ca-ca-cause you know

In sacrifice, false pretense
You'll learn again, stop pretending
Don't deny, false pretense
You'll learn again

Oh, it's time to let it go

I can't seem to understand it how you've turned out to be so cold
You tried but were caught red handed, are you happy with your role?
It's funny to me how you've turned into such a joke

So play the game until you run out
And play the game into my head

The words stuck in here mind " You tried but were caught red handed, are you happy with your role"? Chloe thought about how her sister betrayed her and how she hated her. Chloe didn't know where she was going she just had to get away. She stopped at a town about three and half hours away from her homeplace. It looked like something off of Green Acres. A deserted town, " wow where am I" she thought to herself and shook her head. She parked the car at some apartment looking building called Comfty Cozy Apartments. She walked in looking around, some guy at the front desk said " Hello Miss, ya lost "? he had a very thick country accent. " Well just a bit ".

" Where are ya goin' " ?

" I'm not sure yet, Do you have any empty apartments"?

" Why we sure do"

" Can I rent one please"?

" Yesirre ya can"

" Okay thank you."

Chloe paid for the apartment for three months, the apartment was furnished and she moved in. Later that night she went out exploring, while she was trying to read a map she bumped head on to somebody. She looked up to find a handsome,young 20's,gorgeous boy, " uh I'm so sorry " she said embarrassedly.

" It's fine, It's fine. " He looked down at her. " I'm Dalton " he offered his hand out.

Chloe smiled and said " I'm Chloe, Nice to meet you" She took his hand.
Walking with her he said " so are you new"?
" yeah afraid so" she said with a faint laugh.
" Oh, I see. Would you like me to show you around the town" he gave her a warm and gentle smile.
Chloe nodded " Yes, that is such a generous offer I can't pass up"!
" Well good, It's 5 O'clock, so lets go to my fav restruant and you can tell me more about yourself".
" that sounds wonderful!".

He drove her in his sliver mercedes to this nice fancy restruant. He held the door open like a gentleman and they got seated.

" So where are you from " he asked with a warm smile on his face

" Well I'm from Huntersville about three hours away how about you"?

" Oh I'm from here Union Grove"

" Cool " she smiled " So do you work".

He looked at her " Well I'm a NASCAR driver and i drive the number 14".

She had a surprised look on her face, " Wow that is awesome."

He smiled at her, " yeah it's a pretty neat job".

They talked so more and got to know each other and he showed her around the town. When they got back to her place he said " Do you want me to walk you up to your room". She replied with a smile " yes that would be nice ". He walked her up to the door, Chloe fumbled with her keys. He looked straight into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her and she kissed back. " Wow" he said with a grin on his face. " Yeah" She said and gave him her number so he could call her. She unlocked her door and sat on the couch thinking about Dalton.His white teeth, big gorgeous blue eyes, brown hair and that charming voice he had. She new he was a better peson than Alex would ever be.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The next day she got up around seven and answered her phone.

" Hello " ?

" Is this Chloe"?

" Yes this is Chole".

" Oh hey this is Dalton, and I was wondering if you could go get something to eat this morning"?

" Yes! I'd love too" , she exclaimed.

" Great, meet you at 8?"

" Sounds good".

" See ya then"

He hung up and Chloe sighed, and thought to herself " wow, he is something". She got dressed and met him at eight O' Clock on the dot. He saw her coming and as she was about to set down, he seated her.

" Well thank you". She said with a smile.

" No promblemo, I do have to say you look gorgeous this morning".

" Well thank you " .

" Well so I was wondering if you would go to my race with me sunday"

With a shocked expression on her face, " me " ?

" Whoelse would I take to wish me good luck"?

" Oh My Gee. Thank you and I'd love to go".

" Great, I can't wait".

She gave him a sweet smile and they ate breakfast together. When breakfast was finally over he walked her to her car and gave her a goodbye kiss. " See you tomorrow for the race", he said polietly. " I can't wait" she said and gave him another peck on the lips. She got in the car and drove home. Later that night she got a call from Dalton and they talked for hours, he really did like her and she liked him too.She picked up her phone, and it said 68 missed calls, all from her sister. She threw the phone down, shattering it and went off to bed.

woo. Im so busy. I know there are grammar errors & Spelling errors.. get over it =] I'm not a writer, God made me a talker. =D chh yeah
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