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The very latest - Thought of the Day – ‘C’ is for Companies & Corporations
If you have started paying attention to my thoughts ‘of’ the day, particularly the last one then as you were contemplating reading this latest offering you may have been half expecting another rant. I shall not disappoint you. Although this is not customary for me to constantly go on like this, regrettably it happens. And as if to defend such outspokenness I believe many out there will definitely relate to today’s subject – Companies & Corporations.

This morning, sifting through the countless amounts of junk email, suddenly something addressed to me stood out by its introverted and restrained use of capitalized words; i.e. not something containing a message from ‘your favourite LOVER ANNA’ from Russia who would like to meet you or ‘V1AGRA CHEAP FOR YOU’ using a ‘1’ for an ‘I’ in an attempt to skip around your email filter, just so it can promise you a great love life for $2.56 + $7000 international shipping. Anyway an email that I needed to read.

This email basically was an all guns blazing attempt to scare me. A big company that has trademarked a term used in my business name, wants me to rid my life of it or else. What am I going to do? I’ll tell you what – nothing. Besides I believe any applicable legislation is on my side. Its like, what would happen if I decided to trademark the word ‘And’ then I could sue the pants off of millions of businesses. Which forms the reason for today’s line of thought. The Big Boys and Fat Cat’s (hey that could be a new musical) throwing their obese weight around.

Of course the thing is many big companies like to grind out of their way any minnows as they strive for monetary invincibility. I mean we’ve been here before, haven’t we Microsoft. Of course some companies or corporations grow and grow obliterating their opposition, that’s one story, but mismanagement of these entities is also an intriguingly regular event. Pray silence please for today’s all-in-one case study:

Farepak and the Supermarket.

Right, now let me explain that Farepak is a multi-million pound worth firm who provide Christmas hampers and supplies for those who pay into a fund through the year. The food provided in the form of supermarket vouchers, redeemable locally. It’s a way of ensuring that those not so well off can look forward to stuffing themselves stupid at Christmas without worrying whether they’ll have enough money left over for food. Or at least that’s what is supposed to happen, but it won’t be this year – Farepak have shot themselves in not one foot, but both and in the head while they were at it. The company is bankrupt – unable to deliver this year’s feast, leaving 150,000 people without a shred of Paxo. So that means this company has managed to somehow misspend or whatever, £35 Million. I think if I received that amount of money, even I would grow a little short with ideas on how to dispense with it. Oh but hang on I know.

The Farepak boss, who was able to comment on this great demise, because he was sipping his Krug on a first class flight to Buenos Aires, was none to bothered. Especially when he checked into the gloriously decadent Alvear Palace Hotel which was going to set him back a measly £2,500 an night (Yeah was the best he could do, pathetic, I mean if you’re going to waist money mate, try a little harder).

Cue the arrival of the next puppets in the show. English supermarket giant Sainsbury’s. Reason being, well, being big corporations they need to be seen to be helping, don’t they?
Sainsbury’s offered this: “Oh this is sad, no turkey for Christmas… mm.. well because we really want to help and we are nice, if you saved £100 of Sainsbury’s vouchers through Farepak (Which stepping out of the speech marks, we have to add Farepak have already prepaid the supermarket for!) then we will gladly give you 25% of this amount in vouchers, yes that’s £25. Aren’t we good, and while you’re in store you probably fall for more advertising gimmick’s that’ll make you pay us even more money. We’re happy to be of support to you.” Oh bless, aren’t they sweet, of course they didn’t put it quite like this, but they may as well, figures shout louder than anything else.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Sainsbury’s to buy some ‘loss leader’ wine and the over priced cheese next to it.
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