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A descriptive essay to assist "Newbies" in creating their first items.
Welcome to Writing.com!


SO...you have taken a leap and joined the best writing site on the web and your wondering...What do I do now? I am glad you asked that question.

This outline will show you how to create what are called "items", essentially your work, to put in your port.

Follow the step by step instructions and you should be entering "items" in your port before you know it.

Let's Get Started

If you look at the top of the page you will see what's called the "Main Navigation Bar."

The four main headers are listed as:

         "Getting Started"          "Reading"          "Writing"          "Reviewing"

To create your first item:

1. Click on "Writing"

2. Chose the first item on the list called "static."

The next few steps are essential to get your item to save properly. I will highlight them in green so they stand out.

A header for my newbie forum

Item Title: You need to type the title of your item here.

Folder: All item will automatically default to your portfolio. You can later create folder to hold your items if necessary.

Item Type: Static Item: Change the "item" listed as "other" to the category of what you are posting ie: poetry, short story, outline etc. To do this click on the blue arrow to reveal the pull down menu.

*Note1*The reason for changing the "item type" from "other" is to assist other members in finding specific material. Most members won't read items listed as "other."

Brief Description: Here you will need to enter a brief description of your item. You are limited to 90 characters so chose your wording carefully.

Intro Rating: Change the intro rating from "E" only if your item is rated higher that "E."

A header for newbie forum

Content Rating: In order for your item to be displayed in the public listings, you MUST select a rating.

Keeping exact and proper content ratings on your items is required and extremely important.

For more info on the Writing.Com Content Rating System please click here:
"Content Rating System (CRS)

Access Restrictions Writing.com allows all members to control access to their items. By selecting the "Make Public, Allow Everyone" tab, all visitors and members with be able to access your item. By selecting "Keep Private, For my Eyes Only," this denies access to everyone.

There are varying levels of privacy between these two extremes. I recommend you choose the one that best suits your needs.

A header for newbie forum

Select Genres: Here you get to chose from 1-3 genres for your item. It is important to chose a genre that correctly describes your item. To do this, click on the blue arrows in each box to reveal the pull down menu. Select the genre that suits your item.

Definition of genre: A category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, marked by a distinctive style, form, or content.

Relevant Key Words: Keywords assist visitors and members in finding a particular topic they may be searching for. This is not a required section but if you do chose to use it make sure your keywords are separated by commas or spaces.

A header for newbie forum

Item Body: Enter the item you wish to have stored in your portfolio here. This item can be copied and pasted from another source. ie: MS Word, Notepad etc.

A header for newbie forum

Edit Points: Once you become more familiar with entering items, you may chose to used "Edit Points." "Edit Points" assist members in pointing out errors that may appear in your item. The use of edit points are not required.

A header for newbie forum

Rating/Reviewing Preference: This setting allows members to exclude their items from the standard Writing.com rating and public reviewing system. If you chose "Do Not Allow Ratings" your item will be removed from the "public" listings.

Anyone wishing to leave feedback can do so with the email form attached at the bottom of your item.

To chose either preference click on the blue arrow to expose the pull down menu and chose one of the settings.

A header for newbie forum

RCS Notes: Self Explanatory by clicking the red arrow.

A header for newbie forum

Important Copyright Information: This is a very important area. It explains what happens to all works entered here on site.

Once you have reviewed the copyright info you have one step left to complete your item. By clicking on the "Complete Edit" button at the bottom of he page, all of your settings and work is saved.

If at anytime you have questions or concerns about any of this material or need help, feel free to contact me at damiana@writing.com

To learn more click these links:


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"Using Colors - The Basics

"How to Guide - WritingML's

~*~Damiana Returned~*~

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