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The second chapter of Diane Shart's soon to be quest.

Chapter Two

"I know Sarania."
"If you knew then you wouldn't have been late so why are you?"
"I was running some errands for Adelina. Now move."
"Fine. Next time I won't be as nice as I am right now.
Diane knew she spoke the truth. They had fought be fore when sarania wasn't "as nice" and Diane had ended up losing.
As she approached her destenation she said to herself "Here goes nothing."
Shewalked in seeing Derick practicing without arms which is where mercenaries are at there weakest.
" Where have you been? I've had to cover for you the past eight hours!"
"I..... overslept."
Before she had these dreams, she would wake up at five, sometimes earlier.
"Really? Diane, you've been oversleeping for the past two weeks. What's up?"
She had to tell him. She couldn't tell her sister, Doranna, because she would tell her mother, Adelina. After all Deick was her brother.
"Fine I'll tell you what's been going on, but I gotta tell you it's weird."
Before she could tell him more someone came in and they were wearing all black and were also masked.
" Diane Shart, your presence is requested by High Leader Adelina Shart."
"I'll be there in a moment. Just lead the way."
She sent Derick a see-you-later-i-hope-this-goes-well-and-i'll-tell-you-more-later-look. Which was a pretty long look, and then followed the messenger to her High Leader Adleina Shart.

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