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Free love runs away in a squirming lemming
Shifting through my hands, spilling to the ground, the lemmings flowed like liquid sponges. Their bristled brown fur soaked the motor oil from the ground where they landed, porous with the holes of the unseen time of lemmings past and present. I've felt like a lemming, bulled like a moose...only in widely dispersed times have I caught the lemmings, gripping them tight in my hands while the brown balls writhe and struggle. I felt overcome with the feelings and the fear that they produced, moved to speak in a halting, tearful whisper.
"I can't believe the times that have been found and abandoned in the history of our union, my race and yours."
The lemming squealed and squirmed. "Let me go, you bastard!"
"May we maintain a feeling of peace and harmony, manifested in our love and absorption of all things scattered!"
The lemming shifted and laid a painful, toothed bite on my ring finger.
"Owwww!" I screamed, "you little furry shit!" I threw the lemming to the ground and watched as it scurried away to the bushes.
So much for free love and lemming sponges.
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