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"If there is only one tiny square of sunshine in the house..."
If there is only one tiny square of sunshine in the house,
the kitten will find it and glory in it.
If there is only one little cup of yogurt left,
she will stare and stare until I share it with her.

If there is a book open that someone is reading,
the kitten will decide it's the perfect place for a nap.
If there is a basketful of laundry to be folded,
she will melt into a soft, sleepy puddle right in the middle.

If there is only one hidden nook or cranny,
the kitten will go in head first and get stuck.
If there is only one thin crack in the doorway,
she will flow through it like water.

If there is a pair of jeans currently being worn,
the kitten will use it for her scratching post.
If there is a brand new toilet paper roll in the bathroom,
she will use it to decorate the entire house.

If there is only one soft ticklish spot just below my ribs,
the kitten will detect it and knead it over and over with her paws.
If there is only one soft, fluffy pillow on the couch,
she will hog it all to herself and dare me to touch it.

If there is a laser pointer on the loose,
the kitten will turn herself inside out trying to catch it.
If there is a high shelf standing all by itself,
she will somehow find herself stranded on top of it.

If there is only one symbol of perfect contentment,
it is the kitten purring at night next to my head like a happy motorboat.
If there is a single sign that life is good and beautiful,
it is her utter trust when she sprawls on my lap and falls asleep.

There are many things for which I give heartfelt thanks,
but my kitten has taught me more about life than any class:
It's not about how much you get done or how successful you become;
it's about how much fun you have along the way.
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