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The latest in my series, which seems to be working it's way through the alphabet
Today’s thought provocation comes from a newspaper, The Daily Mail. Acclaimed as one of the best newspapers in England. This could be because it’s not full of inappropriate pictures of women, such as in The Sun, nor is it the size of a tennis court, as in the case of the ‘broadsheet’ Telegraph. But in anyway, its popular and apparently it’s written in a fairly high reading age (One that consigns many men to the The Sun or Mirror, not that they’re upset about that, remember?).

So today, I decided in my wisdom to note three things from my chosen newspaper, that were of interest to me and maybe to you too. I think they some up the popular notion that however highly praised a newspaper is, they’re all prone (helplessly) to try and entertain us. Sometimes they accomplish this, and sometimes they fail miserably by touching on a nerve – I guess they have to sell the papers somehow - let me demonstrate this with 3 broadly different examples.

Kate Moss is seen wearing what possibly could be animal fur. Now I’m firmly with the animals on this one, but who really cares what Kate’s wearing? In fact who really cares what any major superstar in the world is wearing? They often traipse around with things so supposedly ‘fashionable’ things that no one really copies – but still our newspapers insistently tell us these things are fashionable. Well not to me, I think half of them look stupid.

Secondly, a lady in Surrey has taken up farming. Beginning, intuitively with three ‘Porkers’ as The Daily Mail puts it – that is to say, three pigs with the serious (and planned) prospect to put on weight. Our lady farmer in Surrey loves to eat pork, and in the height of her enthralling plan for the pigs, named them: ‘Breakfast, Dinner and Supper.’ Rashers anyone?

Finally, for some reason The Daily Mail has a problem with my favourite football club, Arsenal. It appears, that any slight hint of things going wrong, and they’re –"Arsenal going down" or "Gunners – Gunned down!" or "Gunners have lost their spark" you get the picture. Yet everything's always fine at Manchester United or Chelsea. All of Arsenals’ ‘micro problems’ as I would describe them, get magnified fifty times over. They are forgetting that even though the boys have slipped up a few times recently, they’re still under the reign of a manager who has brought many recent successes to the club. My message to The Daily Mail is simple, pick on someone else, or some team who are greatly underachieving, such as, well – Newcastle.

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