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For my St. Nicholas Friend
Yuletide Song

A woman stands by the sea
feeling the spray on her hair,
humming jazz melodies
under her breath.

Twas Yuletide Eve
she was feeling alone
while the cold, silver moon
floated overhead.

She sat on the beach
pulling chocolate dark
from her pocket.

Sound caught her breath.
She glanced toward the waves
only to see a number of mermaids
observing her.

"Dear Gypsy Woman," one spoke.
"Why are you so sad? Be not!
For it is Yuletide."

To the woman's amazement
mermaids began to sing,
no, serenade her.
Songs old, forgotten, beautiful.

Her heart filled with joy and wonder,
happy tears spilled.

Hours passed and the woman awoke
sand in her hair, salty sea on her face.
Song filled her heart.
The song of the mermaids.

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