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A list of pleasures. . . treasures . . .
My world is filled with wonderous things
Like the peace and silence contentment brings.
I love writin' stories and readin' letters,
Wearin' clothes like jeans and sweaters.

Dust motes afloatin' bright in the sun.
The quiet pleasure of a job well done.
Sunshine and silence and libraries quiet.
The joy of success with my latest diet.

Computer games and winning of course.
The wonderful scent of a gentle old horse.
The wind that whispers. The taste of Sprite.
Old dogs asleepin' under star bright.

A man who is gentle but ever so strong.
The History Channel that takes us along.
The quiet of forest, rain fallin' at dawn.
That wonderful feel when a headache is gone.

The scent of an orange. The softness of cat.
Ladybugs, butterflies, creatures like that.
A job to be done and the work that I love.
Canada geese honkin' above.

A red-coated stallion so brassy and brave.
Red Maples and Oaks and the secrets I crave.
The quiet of night, the softness of sleep.
All are treasures that I must keep.
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