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Time to reinvent America's Schools Somethings to think about
When you try to wash paint out of a bucket it is impossible to wash just one little area and eventually get the job done. We have a problem now with focus, management and with direction. Our efforts for the greater good and mainstream have proven to be at the expense of the students individually and thus the society.
Here are some grains of sand for consideration, talking points for parents, educators, administrators, and any one who is asked to fund or participate in the American education program.
Seat belts on buses
Eliminate the teachers lounge
No Smoking on school property
No profanity is acceptable on school property period, Books, students, teachers, videos, music, art,
No nudity is acceptable on school property period, books,
students, teachers, videos, music, art, community showers, community locker rooms
Eliminate the Physical education program
Competition should no longer be accepted in any form
Sports should not be part of the program
Art should not be part of the program
Music should not be part of the program
No weapons are allowed on school property period
English should be the standard language
Volunteers should be used in the educational process
No books beyond the library
Convert all text needs to CD/ Computer programs
Eliminate lockers and backpacks
Eliminate all school sponsored sports programs
Eliminate all standardized grading, testing, and labeling
Allow for individual enhancement of interests and skills
Coordinate with the community, home, government, education experiences
Provide self defense training
Provide Drivers education training
Have life skill classes, Parenting, first aid, cooking, applied sciences, basics auto, electronics, sewing, purchasing, reading, law, contracts, debt management, survival skills, fire safety, gun safety, check book balancing, bill review, compounding interest, time management skills, prioritizing, basic computer skills and teaching skills
Eliminate frivolous use of the student’s time
Prohibit automobiles, busses, trucks on campus when children are present.

To ask for change from those who survive on complacency is futile.
For educators to focus on a cure when they survive from the treatment is foolhardy.
The following commentary is sarcastic.
The teachers union gives unbiased support of poor disadvantaged teachers who are unable to communicate effectively on their own. School Boards provide complete devotion to the students. Administrators and teachers focus on pure knowledge without political influence and agenda. Leadership rewards innovation in the class room; skill set accountability, and individual efforts to bring about the best teaching environment for every student.
Focus is not on unproductive competition, Labeling, class definition, agenda driven curriculum, self serving, self preserving teaching, pressure cooking uniformity is avoided,
Micro management to preserve administrative positions does not exist, testing at universal levels which leave students and teachers behind is not the focus, expenditures reflect actual benefits to the children, politics are part of the social sciences, money is spent on the education of the students and our system is for the greater good of each individual student.

In the real world devoted teachers with a testimony of virtue, freedom, standards, and a commitment to the American dream are a national treasure. In the real world the parasites prevent those that would bring about change the opportunity.
The strength of a nation is enhanced when a teacher is able to work within the community to build upon the home environment to strengthen the family. It is time to completely reconsider the education of our youth. The picture is so unfocused and distorted
at present we fail. The details are lost and in education the details are our children.

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