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an unemployed simpletons search for substance
In a society that seems to love the quick fix
Immediate gratification is oversimplification
Simple easy to read
Some thoughts that may be worth perusal
Everything is based on money
Money is through sales
Virtues, values, standards are for sale
Sex sells
Cures inhibit profit
Answers reduce options
Alternatives create sales
Problems are potential revenues
Violence reflects opportunity
Definition is based on profit
Purpose reflects revenue potential
Value is a generator of income
Solutions reduce value
Employment stems from need
Need reflects inefficiency
Progress can reduce stability
Foundations do not move
Structure implies construction
Growth can be malignant
Progress opposes parasites
National is not dormant
Patriotic is principle
Unity to what purpose
Power resulting in placement
Health refers to profit
Strength refers to finance
Stability refers to growth

If tomorrow is to come it may need to be that the very substance of our
Being is restructured, redefined and we are able to move forward
With something other than revenue as our reason to exist.
The American way is not financial.
Freedom is not related to purchase power.
Influence is not what we offer to sell or buy for others.
Example is based on what we do rather than what we say.
Slavery and in servitude is what we willingly accept as normal.
Government defines appropriate
Laws are enacted for profit
Power is magnified by manipulation
Status is the by product of stagnation
Understanding is crafted
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