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Invitation to attend a party on earth
491 words

Many years had passed since the man felt secure enough to leave the boundaries of his pod. He always protested when he was forced to leave his sanctuary. The last time was three years ago, in the year 2306 and that was a false warning. The asteroids had missed the “Sea of Tranquility” by several miles. Climate forecasters weren’t any better than their counterparts were centuries ago. He detested mingling with the masses in the underground shelters and now, of all things to do, he had agreed to visit Earth.

“Why did I agree to this foolhardy adventure anyway?”

The man knew why. The “Writing Group” insisted he go and he was curious … but still, wasn’t he being foolish leaving his pod. He had created images of the “Group” in his mind long ago, and seeing the true faces of the 12 members might spoil what he had painted in his imagination.

“I will go ... and I will enjoy the company and the light show …I will ... I must.”

The invitation had been simple enough.


Please join us on Earth
When: November 15th, 2309
Where: The Southern Plains of Kansas
What: The Leonids Meteor Shower

With nervous anticipation the man readied himself for the journey to Earth. The shuttle from “Moon Base 1” to Earth had an excellent safety record. No lives lost in the last 100 years, but he never felt safe when away from his pod.

“I should never have boarded ... too late now.”

They were there, all waiting for him. He saw Bud first. No mistaking his honest smile or the twinkle in his eye. And there in the center, stood Ernie, calling the group to gather around.

Yes, that must be the philosophical Changeling visiting with whimsical Willy, comparing antidotes, no doubt. Off to the side, perched on a rock, sat Lightning, reading poetry of course. Quietly looking up at the stars, Adrienne was wishing her sons were there.

The man was elated when he spotted Kev and Adam, dressed in kilts, proudly congratulating one another on their choice of plaid. Patiently standing by, with eyes and mind opened wide, Fallgirl was taking notes. “Habit … you know,” she explained.

With his words of wit, "iwill" couldn’t just sit. Going from person to person he spoke about things undone, the goals he had…and his latest fashion craze, tights. Debsey grinned from ear to ear as she embraced each member, knowing she was surrounded by dear friends. Scribbler felt the same and asked for a group hug, saying … “I love you guys.”

Ernie called once again, “It’s time everyone, look toward the Heavens.”

“I’m so glad I came to Earth.”

A spectacular meteor shower streaked the dark sky………


“Honey … wake up,” the man’s wife said, as she nudged his shoulder.

“What … what’s wrong?”

“You were mumbling … you must have fallen asleep at the computer again. What on earth were you dreaming about?”

“It was nothing.”

The man stretched, smiled, turned his computer off and went to bed.

Prompt: "A spectacular meteor shower streaked the dark sky..." 500 words or less
Characters in the story are based on 'real people' I know here on WDC.

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