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good memories
                                              SUNNY DAYS

    The sun's radiant heat comes through the window and  bounces gently off all of my exposed skin, leaving a warm soothing feeling behind. The invisible shock waves travel through the body and engulf my brain.

    Suddenly, I can't concentrate! I am no longer thinking of the work in front of me, but of the hot summer days in August when I was teenager and spending my days on the beach at Wildwood Park.

    These days, like many I spent on the ocean, have left great memories deeply embedded in my subconscious, eagerly waiting to surface and always at the wrong time! I find myself longing for that free spirit again.

    This memory brings a fun loving feeling, the smell of the fresh salty air, and the view of millions of whites tips dancing on the surging current. Seagulls are yelling and interrupting each other's flight path to obtain that little parcel of some type of fish part left behind by the fisherman on the pier.

    I think to myself, "I can't be working today!" I am compelled to give in to my weakness, drop the current task, and head straight to the beach. I try to shake this feeling, but it's like a cloud has entered my head and scrambled up the rational thoughts patterns that usually provide my means of support.

    The beach is my drug of choice, and I can't seem to shake the addiction. Why didn't I realize the magnitude of this when I was a beach bum? I  should have respected my life more, why didn't I soak up the ocean's quiet and roaring essence when I had the chance?

    I get up, and as I walk out the door, the full beaming power of the sun's rays slam against my body. I stand there, eyes closed, arms stretched toward the sky and begging the sun gods to take me!

    Through my mind's eye, I can see the slapping ocean spreading its wetness on the baking sand. I can almost feel the sand between my toes and way off in the distance, the faint sound of my friend Peter yelling to me as he guides his skiff toward the shore.

  Finally, my lungs expand with a huge sigh, I open my eyes to see the sun reflecting off the vehicles in the parking lot. I turn, walk inside and close the door.The disappointment radiates from my body as I get back to work. I think to myself "I really need to take more time off." and I promise again, ----- that I will!

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