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Just down the way I have a friend...
Just down the way,
I have a friend,
A man of little means.

A house he has,
A garden too,
With carrots, beets and beans.

Just down the way,
I know a man,
Who hasn't very much

He scrimps and saves,
And just gets by,
He says he has no luck.

Just down the way,
On eve the last,
A fire it did blaze.

A small house burned,
A tiny place,
There wasn't much to save.

A worthless house,
Its roof did leak,
The porch was falling down.

The paint was peeling,
Shutters gone,
The eyesore of the town.

Just down the way,
I had a friend,
He's not there any more.

He died last night,
The smoke was thick,
They found him on the floor.

I miss my friend,
His sunny smile,
His cheerful, happy wave.

I wonder what,
It was that he,
Was trying hard to save.

My friend is gone,
Is your's alive?
When did you see him last?

Time travels on,
This can't be stopped,
Each day becomes the past.

Don't wait too long,
Don't put it off,
It might become too late.

Then you will wish,
To see your friend,
Just standing at your gate.
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