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Just an idea, have not developed it yet.

Ayan is someone that you would want to run into if you were in trouble.  She is a kind soul with a sweet temper and gentle hand.  She never needs to be summoned her golden eagle Asher senses where the person needs to be and contacts Ayan.  Ayan rides on her trusty mount brindle.  Brindle is not the typical mount for an elf.  Brindle is a buck.  Ayan was born and trained in a tribe by Nobi who was her teacher.  Ayan doesn’t live anywhere at all she wanders and helps those that need it the most.  Once she reaches her patient on her lightning fast buck she taps into the creature that she is trying to help feels its pain and points out the problem before fixing it with her own power or an elixir that she has made.

Physical Description

Ayan has the smooth features of any elf along with the accuracy and the grace.  She has one deep green eye and one electric blue eye.  A warm face and calming smile she looks like an angel to anyone that she rescues.  She has molten gold hair that cascades down her back in dreadlocks.  Hidden in her dreadlocks are many different tiny bottles of elixirs and herbs that she needs to help her patients.  She stands tall and is slender with smooth feminine curves.  She looks only to be around 19 years of age but has held that eternal youth look from her breed.  Her skin is bronzed from all the time that she spends outside.  Soft leather boots encase her legs to the knee making it easy for her to run or climb whenever she needs to.  A black skirt falls to her knees in gentle light layers.  A deerskin corset laces up the sides for top.  For being a healer she still has to protect herself from the evil in the forest.  Hidden in her skirt is a wicked twisting dagger that can extend to her will when needed. 


Sweet echos rose from the cave as shadows danced on the jagged rock walls.  The harmonic tune rose from the throat of Ayan a healing elf.  She sang as lulling her patient to sleep.  She could feel the giant serpents pain.  As well as see it.  A long steady gash ran along the serpants shimmering side.  Crimson gushed through the gash as Ayan waited until the emerald eyes closed in peaceful sleep, a numb sleep that would bring him out of there pain for hours.  Ayan worked carefully her skilled hands pulling the exact elixir from her golden dreadlocks a tiny silver bottle misted as she uncapped it.  The ginger scent immediately filled the air as she dipped a finger in it.  It burned her skin at a freezing temperature ~just right~ she thought as she poured more into her hand the thick transparent  gel stayed cupped in her hand as it warmed slightly, changing to the golden color of her skin.  She rapidly ran her hands together and the gel like liquid began to change form flames flickered from between her fingertips as she slowly opened her hands the blue flames highlighting her face and her electric blue eye.  Her mouth chanted “amie anm anthoren semontalan seforan”  she repeated this her one blue eye starting to glow as she lowered her hands and the flames licked at the wound slowly closing it back up the skin molding back together as if there hadn’t been a gash in the first place.  Slowly the flames died away and she watched as the gash on the snake was transferred to her own body she gasped as the wound burned as if someone had just cut her slowly she put the drained elixir back in its proper place waiting for her own wound to heal.  The pain had worked its way up from her stomach and slithered out of her mouth in a thick strand of smoke screaming it’s way from her body.  Slowly it winded into the air until it disappeared till there was nothing left not even a drop of blood.  The great serpent would awake in a few hours free from any pain that had hurt him before.  Ayan slowly mounted Brindle giving him the signal as he trotted out of the cold cave Asher landed on her shoulder his talons softly gripping ~he will appreciate that Ayan~  Asher mind spoke and Ayan just nodded her head in response a job well done but there was far too much pain out there for her to give up now.  She never stopped never refused a patient she rarely even spoke.  She just did what she had to do and left leaving her patient to awake with a vague memory of her visit.
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