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Are you always sure you know what's in your cookie?

Cookie Parts

Donna, always the perfect mother, felt a twinge of guilt as she parked in front of “Big Bill’s Burgers”. Being a doting mother wasn’t the only reputation she had. Donna was never on time for anything in her life. Getting her son Paul to soccer practice on time today was no exception.

“Let’s go,” she said, as she grabbed six year old Jimmy’s hand. "Hold the door for us, Paul.”

The perfect mother believed in well balanced meals, with lots of green vegetables and lean meat. Today was different, because she was running late, burgers and fries for lunch would have to do.

“Can I have one of Big Bill’s cookies, Mama?” Jimmy begged.

“Me, too,” Paul said

“Yes, I'll get you each a big oatmeal cookie with your kid’s meal. Sit right here and behave,” Donna ordered as she walked to the counter.

The boys fidgeted and picked at their food while keeping a close eye on their cookies. Donna felt some of the guilt go away when she looked at the oatmeal cookies. She had even bought one for herself.

“Can I have my cookie now, Mama? Most of my fries are gone,” Jimmy whined.

She looked at her watch and knew they had to hurry. “Yes, you can have your cookie.”

Both boys eagerly took big bites, forgetting all the table manners their mother had taught them. She looked away this time.

Donna sipped at her coffee and reached for her big oatmeal cookie.

She bit into the freshly baked cookie's soft texture. Something unfamiliar crunched between her teeth. She spit the partially chewed bite into a napkin as both boys looked on.

“What’s wrong, Mama?” Paul asked, swallowing the last bite of his cookie.

Donna leaned forward and cautiously inspected the cookie. There, nestled between oatmeal bits, lying on its back with all six legs reaching for the ceiling, she found a cockroach.

Her stomach churned. Her eyes watered as she grabbed the nearest receptacle and puked in her Perlina designer handbag.

Paul and Jimmy laughed so hard they fell to the floor, clutching their sides. They could hear their sobbing mother talking to Big Bill at the counter.

“As I bit down on the cookie; I couldn’t believe what happened.”

“Are you sure it was a bug?” Bill asked, shaking his head in puzzlement.

“I know what a filthy roach is when I see one,” Donna said. “Go look for yourself.”

The boys were back in their chairs, still giggling as the two adults approached the table.

“Okay, where’s the bug?” Bill asked.

Donna pointed at the napkin. “Right there.”

“All I see is a napkin, lady.”

“Boys…where’s the cookie?” Donna questioned.

“Jimmy ate it,” Paul explained, and began laughing again.

Donna opened her Perlina once again.

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