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Two different proses about a Christmas Wreath.
A snowflake fell on the wreath she got from him.
She had to brush it away.
The snow kept falling-
along with her tears.

He wasn't here this year.
Missing in action.
That is what the letter said.
She needed him so.

The wreath had been
arranged to be sent before
he became missing.
It meant the world to her.

Memories of him and her by the beach.
She went back into the house.
Last Christmas, they hadn't a care.
A year later, missing in Iraq.

Back in the house,
Cat on her lap.
Looking at his picture.
Watching snowflakes fall.

She loved him so.
She missed him so.
A car was approaching.
A US Army Car!

She froze.
This would be the worst news.
Two men dressed in uniform got out.
One was coming to the door.

Another one opened
the back door of the car.
Her heart skipped a beat.
Yes! It was him! The love of her life.

He looked so handsome
as he walked with a limp.
She opened the door
and ran into his arms.

He kissed her and told her
he was home for good.
He looked at the wreath
as the snow had stopped falling.

It was the best Christmas ever.
The woman was laughing again.
He presented her with a ring.
The wreath seemed to glow.

A Christmas Wreath.
A couple in love.
Maybe the world will be at
peace someday.

I wrote this for mine and 4Provinces CampFire.
Decorate the house for Christmas,
Put a Christmas wreath of holly on your door.
The Christmas lights shine so bright around the windows.
The Angel at the top of the tree waits for Christmas Day.

Snow has fallen on the ground.
The children play in the snow.
Some have made a snowman [
and some of the snow blows on the wreath.

Christmas Eve has arrived.
Santa and his reindeer are on the roof top.
Santa slides down the chimney with his bag of toys.
He puts presents under the tree.

Santa eats the Christmas cookies that were left for him.
He fills all the stockings with goodies.
He puts a big red bow on the wreath-
and then he and his reindeer take flight.

The night is almost over.
Fresh, white glistening snow falls to the ground.
It is a cold, blowing and drifting snow night.
There is a shiny glow on the Christmas wreath.Yes!
It is the hope and promise of a Happy, Peaceful New Year.

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