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"Hatred" Religious conservatives hate gays, mis-interpret the Bible, therefore people DIE.
19 lines

In Memory of Matthew Shepard

Coursing with power from evil hearts,
Causing sorrow, pain, torture, even death.
Its ugliness, the worst of humankind,
Rushing with destruction, crushing life
From those who love differently.

They boldly say, "God is ours.
He filled us with His love."
Will He turn from them
When they judge, with hate,
His creations, now called "gay?"
Hatred cancels love.

For humankind to love,
For deaths to stop,
For Christianity to survive,
Gay sons and daughters must live,
Hatred must vanish.
Love must win.
God is Love.

free verse with a heart-wrenching message

Ann Patterson writes poetry from her heart and life experiences.  She grew up in Oklahoma before moving to the Northwest. "Hatred" was written in memory of Matthew Shepard, who was beaten to death and hung on a wooden fence because he was gay.  She wants people to remember that gay boys, girls, men and women are sons, daughters, friends and children of God who may love differently.

Hello, Ann!

I was drawn to this poem because hatred is something we just can't seem to escape. Race, religion, political views, what kind of gum we chew...we always seek to find divisions. And when we draw those lines, we insist that our space between lines is the right choice. If we would just learn to accept and love one another, if we could make those lines disappear, think of all we could accomplish!

Your poem expresses this sentiment beautifully. The flow is smooth and I didn't note any mechanical issues with the poem. I think you did a wonderful job! I particularly like the final lines:

Hatred must vanish.
Love must win.
God is Love.

You make such a profound statement here with so few words. Simple. Direct. Deep.
Nicely done!

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