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Demons in our lives . . .
Do you have demons?
I know I do.

Packed in little cages,
In dusty little places,
Deep within my heart
Or the warehouse of my mind.

Painful little demons
Of memories gone by.
Things that happened long ago
That hurt my younger heart.

When it happened, on that day,
I caught each demon,
Sealed and packed him up,
Stored him in a hidden place
Where he could hurt me no more,
Unaware that my heart
Was sealed there also,
In that coldly lonely spot.

So, I'm searching through the boxes,
Opening each and every one.

Sleepy demons snarl
And try to hurt me once more.
One by one, I look at them
And study the pain.
Then, I put it away,
Away from my heart
Where it no longer hurts.

As for the demons,
One by one, I banish them,
so they are free again,
And I am whole again,
The way I'm going to stay.
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